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Scientists are speeding up evolution to build climate change resistance - Fast Company

Fast Company
It's one example of so-called assisted evolution–an attempt to help species adapt to a changing environment more quickly than they are likely to through natural selection. Thousands of miles away, in British Columbia, researchers are studying the ...

Anatomy of a protein kinase spine and how to break it - Phys.Org

The post-translational addition of phosphate groups to serine, threonine and tyrosine residues is a fundamental strategy for regulating protein activities in eukaryotes. Eukaryotic protein kinases—the enzymes that catalyze these modifications—are ...

Targeted Oncology™ Partners with The International Liver Cancer Association - Odessa American

Odessa American
It encompasses a community of around 300 physicians and researchers from 30 countries, who represent various disciplines such as hepatology, oncology, gastroenterology, epidemiology, radiology, surgery, pathology and molecular biology.

The Association of British Fungus Groups

Axminster, Devon - United Kingdom

The Association of British Fungus Groups, ABFG was founded in 1996 by Michael Jordan, the writer and presenter of the series who is also author of books on fungi including the Encyclopedia of Fungi of Britain and Europe. The Association is committed to bringing more people into amateur mushroom hunting. he ABFG is also closely involved with conservation. We work with Plantlife International and the Fungus Conservation Forum and with other organisations. The ABFG has been involved in the preparation of the Conservation of Wild Mushrooms Code of Practice and in current conservation programmes. We are committed to the sponsorship of new recording groups and to encouraging people of all ages and experience into amateur mycology as the way forward for the future.

As an organisation we serve local groups but despite its title the ABFG is based on individual membership for anyone who wants to explore the world of fungi whether on their own or as part of a group of like-minded people. We look after many of the interests of foray groups in the United Kingdom, including free inclusion in our Public Liability Insurance cover as an ABFG membership benefit. Our aim is to support amateur enthusiasts at all stages of the 'learning curve' in their foraying and other activities concerned with fungi.

British Beekeepers Association
United Kingdom

Promotes the craft of beekeeping and provides training, research, and support in the U.K.

British Flyball Association
United Kingdom

Venture into the world of international flyball racing, with the latest world rankings From the U.K., USA, Europe, and Australia.

British Veterinary Association
United Kingdom

Professional body that represents veterinary surgeons at a national level.

British Killifish Association
United Kingdom

Provides information, articles, unpaired fish notice board, and an online auction.

British Association of Clinical Anatomists
United Kingdom

The British Association of Clinical Anatomists (BACA) was established on the 7th July 1977 in the United Kingdom to advance the study and research into Clinical Anatomy for the public benefit. The Association has, through its two meetings each year, and its Journal, Clinical Anatomy, set out to achieve excellence in Clinical Anatomy for all Health Professionals and those engaged in Teaching or Research.

British Pest Control Association

U.K. trade association for those involved in the control and eradication of public health pests.

The Association of British Wild Animal Keepers
United Kingdom

Includes event information, careers guide, educational resources and membership details.

British Horse Driving Trials Association
United Kingdom

Offers news and details of events.

British Columbia Veterinary Medical Association

Promotes the well-being of animals in British Columbia through regulation of the proficiency, competency, and ethical behaviour of its members.

British Equine Veterinary Association (BEVA)
United Kingdom

Aims to promote veterinary sciences related to the welfare of the horse and encourage exchange of ideas on the management, health, and disease of the horse through meetings and publications.