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Epigenetics: The Evolution Revolution - The New York Review of Books

The New York Review of Books
In Lamarck's view, the evolution of life depends on variation and the accumulation of small, gradual changes. These are also at the center of Darwin's theory of evolution, yet Darwin wrote that Lamarck's ideas were “veritable rubbish.” Darwinian ...

Evolution's Worst Mistake? How About External Testicles? - Undark Magazine

Undark Magazine
Evolution could have simply tweaked the parameters of sperm development so the ideal temperature of its enzymatic and cellular processes was the same as the rest of the body's processes. Hematopoiesis, the creation of new blood cells, is a close ...

Dreams shows the PS4 is ready for LittleBigPlanet's evolution - VentureBeat

But Dreams isn't just a spiritual successor to LittleBigPlanet — it's an evolution. That series focused on 2D levels, but Dreams has you creating 3D worlds that you can customize with your own characters, geometry, scenery, lighting, and even music.

The Biology & Evolution Jump Station

United States

Large collection of links to biology resources on the web, including evolution science sites.

The Microbiology Jump Station
United States

A comprehensive collection of links for microbiologists.

Molecular Genetics Jump Station
United States

A useful collection of sites for geneticists.

Polymerase Chain Reaction ( PCR ) Jump Station
United States

Links and information on the polymerase chain reaction (PCR).

Molecular Biology and Evolution
United States

Archives back to 1983, with abstracts and full articles in PDF, devoted to the interdisciplinary science. Maintained for the Society for Molecular Biology and Evolution by Oxford University Press.

Genome Biology and Evolution
United States

Journal offering free abstracts and full text articles on original research which applies genomic analysis to evolutionary biology and taxanomy.

Evolution, Biology and Taxonomy
United States

Provides articles on the history of the theory of evolution and the basics of biological evolution. Includes forums only available to members.

Biology Links: Evolution
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Links to journals, academic departments, museums, papers, and other resources dedicated to evolution.

Society for Molecular Biology and Evolution
United States

Is an international society that exists to provide facilities for association and communication among molecular evolutionists, and has as one of its primary goals increasing communication between the fields of evolution and molecular biology. Center for Evolutionary Functional Genomics

United States

Annotated directory of links for students of evolution. Includes coverage of evolutionary theory, the history of evolutionary thought, Charles Darwin, human evolution, and the fossil record.

United States

Presents information about Morchella, along with unorthodox hypotheses about the evolution of the morels.