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Where Is Area X In 'Annihilation' Supposed To Be? The Mysterious Place Is Full Of Terrors - Bustle

The new movie Annihilation has already captured audience imaginations with its premise — an unknown environment has appeared on Earth, and nothing that's gone in has come back. A group of combat-ready women walk towards a rainbow-slick wall, alien ...

Lloyds' strategic plan viewed as 'evolution not revolution' - Financial Times

Financial Times
As Lloyds Banking Group chief executive António Horta-Osório stepped up to unveil his bank's three-year strategic plan, he was at his most unflappable and triumphant. Never mind that the lender had just missed earnings expectations for 2017 after an ...

CCAC biology students, faculty visit Galapagos Islands | TribLIVE - Tribune-Review

A group of Community College if Allegheny County biology students had an opportunity to explore the Galapagos Islands in January. Two faculty members and 11 ...

The Celia Knight Group

Leeds - United Kingdom

Dr Celia Knight, based at Leeds University, studies the development and microbial interactions of bryophytes. This site gives an overview of her work and a list of publications.

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    Botany - Bryology

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    Centre for Plant Sciences

Nudibranchs of the Poor Knight Islands
New Zealand

Images of some New Zealand nudibranchs.

Celia Hammond Animal Trust
United Kingdom

Rescues, neuters, and rehomes stray and abandoned animals. Can offer animals to rehome around Lewisham, South London, Canning Town, East London, Tunbridge Wells and surrounding areas, and Hastings and surrounding areas.

C.H.I.M.P.P. Group

Studying chemo-ethology of hominoid interactions with medicinal plants and parasites, with particular emphasis on the medicinal use of plants by chimpanzees in the wild.

The HeliX group
United Kingdom

Introduction to the X-ray crystallographic work on nucleic acid and protein structure. Includes poster presentations, publications list and profiles of staff in the Cardin laboratory, University of Reading, England.

Pande Group
United States

Folding simulations for fusion peptides, proteins and RNA with aim of predicting structure from genome by research at Stanford University, California.

United Kingdom

Research into the evolution and ecology of reproduction, in particular, how animals allocate resources during reproduction and the impact this can have on their fertility, health and reproductive success.

Dervan's Group
United States

Sequence-specific recognition of DNA using high affinity synthetic molecules, for the regulation of gene expression, at California Institute of Technology, Pasadena.


Loose association of research groups at the University of Bern whose research deals with the structure and function of RNA and related nucleic acid molecules.

Gerstein Group
United States

Research in the field of bioinformatics, using computation to analyze genome sequences, expression datasets and macromolecular structures.

Blackleg Group

Study the disease caused by Leptosphaeria maculans in canola (Brassica napus) and Indian mustard (B. juncea), which threatens the industry in Australia. Contains overview, current and recent projects, research opportunities, and list of publications. University of Melbourne, Australia.