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Food Explorer Brought Hundreds Of Immigrant Plants To America ... - NPR

In the early 20th century, botanist David Fairchild traveled the world and brought plants back to the U.S. that we now see as thoroughly American. NPR talks with the author of a book on Fairchild.

Research to uncover factors behind bladder cancer progression receives ACS grant - Penn State News

Penn State News
HERSHEY, Pa. — To find new therapies for aggressive bladder cancer, researchers must first uncover what drives each subtype at the molecular level. That's why the American Cancer Society has awarded a grant to study bladder cancer development to David ...

Where Is Area X In 'Annihilation' Supposed To Be? The Mysterious Place Is Full Of Terrors - Bustle

The new movie Annihilation has already captured audience imaginations with its premise — an unknown environment has appeared on Earth, and nothing that's gone in has come back. A group of combat-ready women walk towards a rainbow-slick wall, alien ...

The David Cove Group

Leeds - United Kingdom

Prof David Cove, based at Leeds University, carries out research on plant development using mosses, primarily Physcomitrella patens and Ceratodon purpureus. This site gives an overview of his work and a list of publications.

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    Centre for Plant Sciences

Dolphin Cove
United States

Set on a five-acre natural lagoon, offers a range of marine learning programs including swimming with dolphins. Also offers guided kayak, snorkel, crocodile, and eco tours, as well as scuba instruction.

Goodsell, David S.
United States

Attempt to add esthetic appeal to molecular graphics and modeling research by author of Lexitropsin; DNA information-reading molecules, at Scripps Institute, La Jolla, California.

Warshaw, David M.
United States

Research on the structure and function of proteins associated with muscle contraction at the intracellular level. From the Health Science Research Facility of the University of Vermont, Burlington, VT.

Peart, David R.
United States

Research interests include the growth and survival of trees, the dynamics of populations, and the composition and structure of forests.[Dartmouth College]

David L. Wood, Ph.D.
United States

Provides consultancy services to many land management agencies and private land-owners with regard to insect-caused injuries to trees in both urban and wildland forests and the interface between these forest types. Based in California.

David Attwell
United Kingdom

The Attwell lab at UCL studies neuron-glial interactions and the energy supply to the brain.

David Cox
United States

The Visual Neuroscience Group at Harvard studies the neurophysiology of natural visual systems in an effort to build better artificial ones

David Fitzpatrick
United States

The Laboratory at Duke University Medical Center is focused on understanding the functional organization of circuits in primary visual cortex, an important component in processing visual information.

David Mumford
United States

Research is on similarity metrics, statistics of natural scenes and pattern theory.

David Tolhurst
United Kingdom

My research interests are in the area of the neurophysiology and psychophysics of vision.