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Comment: Why institutional investors need World Bank-style biodiversity safeguards - Ethical Corporation Magazine

Ethical Corporation Magazine
Since the mid-2000s institutional investors have shown an increased appetite for investing in infrastructure, an asset class where they are exposed to material biodiversity-related risks. Even though we inject 14% of the global GDP into infrastructure ...

Evolution Petroleum to Acquire Oil & Gas Assets From Enduro - Nasdaq

Evolution Petroleum Corporation, Inc.EPM recently inked a deal to acquire oil and gas properties from Enduro Resource Partners LLC, in a bid to progress toward its long-term goal for diversifying its asset base. The deal valued at $27.5 million is ...

Probe launched into Botany council deal with airport - Daily Telegraph

Daily Telegraph
Greg White, the former administrator of Bayside Council, said the deal equated to ratepayers paying Sydney Airport Corporation $1,000 a year over a decade. Bayside Mayor Bill Saravinovski said the deal was “outrageous” and he has asked the Independent ...

The Deem Corporation

Omaha, Nebraska - United States

The Deem Corporation was incorporated in 1984, with headquarters in Omaha, Nebraska. The president of Deem is Dennis M. Maloney, Ph.D., a research psychologist who earned his doctorate in Experimental Psychology (with Honors) in 1973.
Deem was founded as a professional services company, based on Dr. Maloney's nationally recognized experience and expertise in research, training, management, writing, editing, development, and a variety of other areas.

Dr. Maloney has designed and conducted original research in such areas as:

human perception (vision and audition)
personnel interviews as predictors of on-the-job performance
effectiveness of employee training programs
community and consumer attitudes
outcome evaluations of human service programs
usefulness of communication vehicles used to transmit scientific information to non-scientists
effectiveness of interpersonal skills-training projects
marketing challenges and management problems
... and in other areas as well, both basic and applied

GenoSensor Corporation
United States

Manufactures microarrays for genomic research. Technology is based on RNA Interference. Provide bioassay services for molecular biology.

ZeptoMetrix Corporation
United States

Manufacturer of viral lysates, monoclonal antibodies, cytokines, growth factors, nucleic acid test standards, reagents for Western blots, quantitative and qualitative ELISA kits. Includes product specifications, details for ordering and contact in Buffalo, NY.

Teranode Corporation
United States

Develops software that integrates computational and experimental biology

CodonCode Corporation
United States

Offers CodonCode Aligner, a DNA sequence assembly, sequence alignment, contig editing and mutation detection software for Windows and Mac OS X.

Biogenetics Corporation
United States

Provides cryopreservation and/or storage to individuals preserving their own sperm, embryos, testicular tissue, or ovarian tissue. Contact information for offices in New York and New Jersey.

Xenogen Corporation
United States

Xenogen is a biotechnology company and developer of in vivo biophotonic technology, which allows real-time, non-invasive exploration of genes, proteins, pathogens, and tumor cells in living animals.

Virusys Corporation
United States

Specialists in the design and manufacture of virus related antibodies and antigens. A full range of laboratory services is available that includes infectious dose determination, viral protein purification and custom antibody production.

USB Corporation
United States

Supplier and distributor of biochemicals and molecular biology products for basic research. Offers brands such as ExoSAP-IT for PCR Clean-up, USB Taq, modifying enzymes, sequenase, and thermo sequenase kits.

Aniara Corporation
United States

Offers Zymuphen MP-Activity, a quantitative assay for the measurement of microparticles (MP) procoagulant in citrated plasma. Also provides a catalog of technical documents.

Bio Corporation
United States

Bio Corporation has all the highest quality preserved specimens, live specimens, dissection equipment, safety equipment, educational movies, educational software CDs, anatomical charts and 3D models that you need at the lowest prices! Our SECURE site offers a searchable database of products: preserved fetal pigs, cats, leopard frogs, bullfrogs, rats, perch, clams dogfish sharks, mink, rabbits, pigeons, starfish, squid, necturus, turtles, crayfish