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Fires spark biodiversity criticism of Sweden's forest industry - Phys.Org

Non-governmental organisations warn that there are considerable challenges to ensuring biodiversity for plants and animals amid the fight against global warming. One in 10 species in the country's forests is on the red list of the Swedish Species ...

Botanist's Oasis: Five Petal Farm transforms North Liberty backyard into flower-based small business - The Gazette: Eastern Iowa Breaking News and Headlines

The Gazette: Eastern Iowa Breaking News and Headlines
NORTH LIBERTY — Jennifer Hobbs loves flowers, on a microscopic level. Where others just see petals and stems and leaves, she sees the cellular structure that makes those petals and stems and leaves grows the way they do. She can tell a mint plant just ...

Hundreds of species unlikely to survive biodiversity collapse - scientists - Newshub

A devastating collapse in global biodiversity is imminent, scientists say, warning hundreds of species may not survive. An international team have published a major study in the journal Nature, saying we must make urgent changes to our approach to ...

The Different Forms of Flowers on Plants of the Same Species

Durham - United States

Plain text file at Project Gutenberg.

Flowers & Plants Association

Promoting cut flowers and indoor plants in the U.K. Includes care tips, pictures, industry information, and a list of retailers in the U.K.

Flowers of the Malaysian Ginger Plants
United States

Photographs of the numerous types of ginger plant flowers found deep in the Malaysian jungles.

Lepidoptera and Other Life Forms

Taxonomic tree of mammals, insects, birds, and plants. Includes common and scientific names, publication details, references, links, general range maps, and some images. Most complete for Lepidoptera.

Odd forms of Cycas revoluta

Nine cultivars.

Micropolitan Museum of Microscopic Art Forms, The
United States

Collected the finest microscopic masterpieces produced by nature. Presented by the Institute for the Promotion of the Less Than One Millimeter.

United States

Links to reports, articles, and books dedication to the subject of speciation.
United States

Offers a large selection of flower and plant pictures and desktop wallpapers including roses, daisies, lilies, sunflowers, daffodils, tulips, venus fly traps, cacti, and others.

United States

Features colorful fact sheets from the Botanical Society of America. Learn about carnivorous plant species bizarre adaptations to low-nutrient environments and thier various stratiges for capturing thier incet prey.

Flowers in Israel

Photo galleries of Israeli wildflowers and native plants.


Gallery of color, ultraviolet, and infrared photographs capturing a variety of flowers spectral signatures. Images are arranged by plant Family.