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Evolution Mining: Gold Miner Rallies 6% After Dividend Hike - Barron's - Barron's

Australian gold miner Evolution Mining (EVN.AU) is one of the best performers in the S&P/ASX200 Index after lifting its dividend payout. Illustration: Getty Images.
The Australian
Creamer Media's Mining Weekly
The West Australian

'Anatomy of a Song' full of musical revelations - Index-Journal

I love music trivia. Not just facts and dates, but stories of how tracks or entire albums are written, recorded, produced, distributed, and listened to by the public at large. The internet is full of videos featuring artists and producers sitting at ...

India among top nations with potential for digital payments: Digital Evolution Index - Economic Times

Economic Times
The Fletcher School at Tufts University in partnership with Mastercard, unveiled the Digital Evolution Index 2017. The Index is a comprehensive research that tracks the progress countries have made in developing their digital economies and integrating ...

The E. coli Index

Birmingham - United Kingdom

Guide to information relating to the model organism. Incorporates databases, pictures, publications, societies, and teaching resources.

Escherichia coli
United States

Research project by Justine Moder on this ubiquitous bacterium including its classification, habitat, reproduction, adaptations, nutrition, interactions with other species and pathology.

United States

Explains the common nature of coliform bacteria and the health risks associated with E. coli infections.

Pathogenic E. coli
United States

Information included in a bacteriology lecture at the University of Wisconsin, Madison.

Escherichia coli
United States

Information on this bacterial inhabitant of the gut and its more pathogenic strains, with some videos.

Escherichia coli
United Kingdom

Information on this pathogen, often known as E. coli, the symptoms and duration of the illness it causes and the foods incriminated.

E. coli Genetic Stock Center
United States

Maintains a database of genetic information, including genotypes and reference information, gene names, properties, linkage map, and information on specific mutations.

E. coli Genetic Stock Center
United States
Escherichia coli Database Collection

Provides information on the entire K12 chromosome . Searchable by a gene, sequence map, tables or keyword.

A Review on Escherichia coli adenylate cyclase
United States

A constantly updated review on Escherichia coli adenylate cyclase with references and graphics. Also, a section "Oldies but Goldies" to be updated and focusing on classic literature in Microbiology.

E. coli Genome Project - University of Wisconsin - Madison
United States

Research center originally established to complete the sequence of the Escherichia coli K-12 genome.