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The Biology Behind Evil, Free Will, And Everything Else -
Humanity is simultaneously incredibly kind and incredibly violent. We commit indescribable atrocities, but also acts of incomprehensible compassion. There is both horror and beauty in our history. Which leads to the question, how do we reconcile this ...

It pays to invest in biodiversity - Phys.Org

To guide them on this endeavour, the countries established the 20 Aichi Biodiversity Targets. These targets range from addressing "the underlying causes of biodiversity loss (Targets 1-4)" to reducing "the direct pressures on biodiversity (Targets 5-10 ...

Prof L Janmejay: Reminiscence of his association as a teacher, guide & colleague - The Sangai Express

The Sangai Express
He passed B.Sc. with distinction having subject combination Chemistry, Mathematics and botany under Gauhati University, Guwahati-14 and M.Sc. (Botany) also from the same University (1960). He served D.M. College Imphal (1963-1972) as lecturer in ...

The Evil Tutor's Guide: Graphs and Figures

Dallas - United States

An amusing, yet sincere, look at where students go wrong when producing scientific graphs.

Fish Tank Tutor
United States

Offers tropical fish tank information including aquarium set up, equipment info, maintenance, and general fish keeping advice.

Eucalyptus of California: Seeds of Good, or Seeds of Evil?
United States

Examines the story of this amazing tree and its impact on California.

Peptide Guide

This resource provides a basic introduction to the field of peptide chemistry along with some applications of peptides.

Grasshopper Guide

Photos and brief facts on species of the Canadian Prairies and northern Great Plains.

The Rhino Guide
United States

Contains information on the remaining five species of Rhinoceros: Javan, Indian, Sumatran, White and Black.

Cacti Guide
United States

Images of many cactus genera as planted specimens in collections or in natural habitat, with horticultural advice and a discussion forum.

Information about hummingbirds including facts, feeder choices, how to attract, a nectar recipe, and planting a hummingbird flower garden.

Wolf Guide, The

Provides information on their pack life, interactions with man, and reintroduction across North America. Also offers wolf pictures, art, petitions, games, and more.

Pharmaceutical Guide
United Kingdom

The Pharmacy Guide is a non-prescription medication resource, New Guide to: Lipitor (Atorvastatin) Know Your Drug for best supplements Shop online at Etalaze, A Director Level Guide to Search Marketing for Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Businesses.

DNA Microbiology Guide

Provides an introduction to DNA, its chemical structure, biological function, practical applications and research.