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Aardman Animations is, along with Pixar, responsible for some of the wittiest family entertainment ever, charming both parents and children. “Chicken Run,” “Wallace and Gromit” and its many spinoffs, and “Shaun the Sheep” — the TV series and the movie ...

Evolution plays many tricks against large-scale bioproduction ... - Science Daily

Science Daily
Ultra-deep DNA sequencing of thousands of cells uncovers many competing mechanisms of evolution as a threat to efficient scale-up of biobased chemicals production. Evolution plays an underestimated role in bioprocesses and limits yields much more than ...
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DEAR ANNIE: I am a 67-year-old man who has extreme seller's remorse and have slipped into depression from selling my business two years ago. The reason I am writing is.

The Evolution of Man

Tadworth - United Kingdom

Essays recounting our three million year journey from the treetops of Africa to civilization.

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    BBC - Science & Nature - The evolution of man

The Evolution of Man

Exhibit on the evolution of man at the Hooper Virtual Natural History Museum.

Human Evolution from Ape to Technological Man
United States

Traces origins from ape ancestors such as Australopithecus to modern man. Talks about Neanderthals and their relationship to the gorilla and chimpanzee.

Human Evolution: Evolution and the Structure of Health and Disease
United States

Unifying theory of biological and cultural evolution explaining the origin of neurological disease in humans.

Man and Mollusc
United States

An introduction to mollusks, with an emphasis on their relationship with man as well as news and searchable database.

Descent of Man
United States

From the Literature Network, the complete text indexed by chapter. Includes a search feature.

United States

Plain text file at Project Gutenberg.

Visual Man CD
United States
Descent of Man, The
United States

Four part radio series and a web site on neo-Darwinism.

Piltdown: The Man that Never Was
United States

Story of the English 1913 paleoanthropological hoax that consisted of a modern human skull and jaw of an ape.

Piltdown Man
United States

Describes one of the most famous frauds in the history of science, the paleontological "man who never was."