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Is It Possible to Forecast Evolution? - Discover Magazine (blog)

Discover Magazine (blog)
The researchers were able to predict some simple evolutionary changes, but the rest were subject to forces they couldn't account for. Mother nature is still too complex for us to truly foretell the future. The researchers were using a dataset that ...

Researchers Find Previously Unknown Structure in Human Spermatozoon Tails -
“It's actually quite incredible that it can work,” said Dr. Johanna Höög, a researcher in the Department of Chemistry and Molecular Biology at the University of Gothenburg in Sweden. “The movement of thousands of motorproteins has to be coordinated in ...

Novel mechanism linking changes in mitochondria to cancer cell death - Science Daily

Science Daily
The findings, published in Nature Cell Biology, demonstrate that the enzyme RIPK1 decreases the number of mitochondria in a cell. This loss of mitochondria leads to oxidative stress that can potentially kill cancer cells, though researchers speculate ...

The Forces behind Cell Movement

Houston - United States

Article by Revathi Ananthakrishnan and Allen Ehrlicher providing an in-depth analysis of cell movement. It includes the specific physics underlying different phases of cell movement, the origins of forces that drive locomotion and the mechanics of polymerization, adhesion and retraction.

Feather Trade and the American Conservation Movement
United States

A Smithsonian virtual exhibit on the trade in bird feathers, its impact on bird populations, and how it helped spawn conservation movements.

Anti-Dog Meat Movement Headquaters
Korea South

Campaigning against the eating of dog meat in Korea.

United States

Discusses the controversy spawned by the publication of "Silent Spring."

Farm Animal Reform Movement (FARM)
United States

Promotes rights of farm animals, vegetarianism, and environmental consciousness. Programs include the Great American Meatout and World Farm Animals Day.

The Virtual Cell: Cell Biology
United States

Illustrated chapter from an online textbook.

United States

The basics on cell organization and division presented by the National Center for Biotechnology Information.

United States

Colorful pictures and descriptions of cellular components.


Publishes reports of novel results in any area of experimental biology.

The Plant Cell
United States

Consists of current and archived articles, subscription information, and samples.

Cell Junctions
United States

Adhesion and desmosomes research at New York University School of Medicine.