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Mushrooms, Magma and Love in a Time of Science - New York Times

New York Times
Orra White Hitchcock (1796-1863) was one of the most remarkable women from this more egalitarian age of scientific study. She had a deep knowledge of botany, zoology and paleontology, and she was also an artist — though that “also” would have seemed ...

First-time observation of genetic/physiological damage caused by nanoplastics in mussels - Phys.Org

A research team from the UAB Department of Cell Biology, Physiology and Immunology, the University of Aveiro and the Centro Interdisciplinar de Investigação Marinha e Ambiental (CIIMAR), Portugal, observed how some of these nanoplastics, despite ...

LANL researching algae to convert to affordable fuel - Santa Fe New Mexican

Santa Fe New Mexican
Molecular biologist Amanda Barry and a team at Los Alamos National Laboratory's Bio-energy and Biome Sciences group are trying to determine whether one particular strain of algae can be produced at low cost and in short periods of time so that it could ...

The Monterey Pine Through Geologic Time

Berkeley - United States

Learn how understanding the evolutionary history of the Monterey Pine may help us conserve this species. Article from Understanding Evolution.

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    Botany - Plants

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    The Monterey Pine through geologic time

Life Through Geologic Time: A Pictorial History of Life on Earth
United States

Provides a pictorial look at the geologic time scale, beginning with the Precambrian through the Holocene.

Real-time PCR Goes Prime Time
United States

Tutorial from Applied Biosystems, Austin, TX, USA.

Sciadopitys verticillata (Umbrella-Pine, Japanese Umbrella-Pine)
United States

Describes habitat, habit and form, identifying features, flowers, fruit, and bark. Includes photos.

Monterey Bay Aquarium E-Quarium
United States

Monterey. Visitor information, map, exhibit photos, descriptions and updates, animal and plant photos, descriptions, videos, and webcams, special events, conservation information, education program summary and interactive games for children.

Cupressus macrocarpa (Monterey Cypress)
United States

Image of branch with cones.

Cupressus macrocarpa (Monterey Cypress)
United States

Describes physical characteristics and range. Includes distribution map.

Cupressus macrocarpa (Monterey Cypress)
United States

Physical characteristics of leaf, flower, fruit, twig, and bark. Provides images.

White Shark - Monterey Bay Aquarium
United States

See what the Monterey Bay Aquarium's tracking data reveals about the life and habits of White Sharks.

Monterey Bay Aquarium: Sea Otters
United States

Looks at their lives in captivity and in the wild. Includes sea otter antics, resident otter introductions, and photos.

White Shark Research - Monterey Bay Aquarium
United States

Information on the aquarium's White Shark research programs, including news and images from the exhibit of a female Great White Shark in the Outer Bay Exhibit.