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Anatomy of an FX Manipulation - Bloomberg

The CFTC in the U.S. and the FCA in the U.K. have released more details of the conversations that took place in online chat-rooms between FX traders attempting to manipulate foreign exchange benchmark rates. The chats outline how the attempt to ...

Esperanza Spalding to tour for 'Emily's D+Evolution' - The Philadelphia Tribune

The Philadelphia Tribune
Her fifth and latest venture, “Emily's D+Evolution” came to her during a full moon, in a dream-like sequence of sketches, a musical story unraveling before her. “It wasn't actually a dream. I was awake. It was a night close to my birthday, and I couldn ...

Biology professor co-led sequencing of bumblebee species' genomes - Illinois State University Stories

Illinois State University Stories
School of Biological Sciences Assistant Professor Ben Sadd has co-led an international team of researchers to sequence and analyze the genomes of a North American bumblebee, Bombus impatiens, and a European bumblebee, B. terrestris. This work has ...

The Sequence Manipulation Suite

Dallas - United States

The Sequence Manipulation Suite is a collection of JavaScript programs for generating, formatting, and analyzing short DNA and protein sequences. It is commonly used by molecular biologists, for teaching purposes, and for program and algorithm testing.

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    The Sequence Manipulation Suite


Sensorimotor control of dexterous behavior in humans from Ume+N Univ., Sweden.

Suite 101

Article provides an overview of the disorders of clotting, resulting in both clotting and bleeding.

Suite 101: Ecology

Articles on ecological themes.

Suite 101: Genetics and Evolution

Provides articles on a number of topics in the evolutionary and genetic fields.

Sequence Analysis
United States

A freeware Java application that does many standard types of DNA and protein sequence analysis tasks.

United Kingdom

Method to visualize the information contained in a set of DNA, RNA, or protein sequences; intended as an alternative to consensus sequences.

United States

Book describing computational approaches for analyzing complete genomes including 3D structures. By Eugene V. Koonin and Michael Y. Galperin; Kluwer Academic Publishers.

HIV Sequence Database
United States

Collection HIV and related genetic sequence data and computer analyses - from the Los Alamos Natl. Lab.

Why Sequence a Korarchaeota Community?
United States

Brief discussion of the importance of this lineage in Obsidian Pool, and of the benefits to be gained by understanding the genome.

The Influenza Sequence Database
United States

Database of virus information including nucleotide sequences.