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Educators concerned about state official's view of evolution - Tucson News Now

Tucson News Now
The difficulty many teachers have with that view is that they feel intelligent design is based on religion and not science, which is why they say teaching it along-side evolution isn't truly teaching science. They feel it would cause students to miss ...
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5 Best Walks to See Spring Flora and Fauna - 417mag

April showers bring May flowers, so southwest Missouri is sure to be in full bloom this month. Grab your favorite trail buddy and start exploring one of our many local trails with great views. By Adrienne Donica. May 2018. Share: Thunder Falls at ...

Allspark Launches a Revolutionary New Blockchain Ecology for Content Creators, Advertisers and Social Media Users - MarTech Series

MarTech Series
AllSpark launches a brand-new ecology designed to merge the worlds of content creation, digital media and marketing using blockchain technology. “Blockchain created a new era where you can accomplish incredible things with your ideas,” AllSpark ...

The Talk.Origins Archive: Exploring the Creation/Evolution/Intelligent Design Controversy

La Habra - United States

A useful indepth exploration of the creation/evolution controversy from a mainstream scientific perspective. Contains essays on the Earth's history and events relevant to evolutionary theory

Biology and Evolutionary Theory - Talk.Origins Archive
United States

Essays and FAQs addressing evolutionary biology, the modern synthesis of genetics and evolution, macroevolution, speciation, and related topics.

AAAS News Release - Intelligent Design Theory
United States

Resolution on intelligent design theory which rejects the theory as an inadequate competitor to evolution.

United States

Summary of the Out-Of-Africa debate, by Dr. George Johnson.

Beliefs of U.S. Public About Evolution and Creation
United States

Presents and discusses the results of polls (from Gallup,, and other sources) of various economic, educational, and religious groups about evolution and creation.

Creation Truths: Evolution Loses its Way

Article discussing the remarkable migration journey made by the Golden Plover from Alaska to Hawaii. [PDF]

United States

Interactive site introducing the human-like species that came before us, our closest ancestors, with a hominid family tree.

Human Origins and Evolution in Africa
United States

Links for primates, human evolution and paleoecology, course notes on Human Origins, and Jeanne Sept's personal web pages at Indiana University.

Origins and Evolution of Human Diet
United States

Central repository of information and links pertaining to the study of the origins and evolution of human diet.

Origins of Life and Evolution of the Biosphere
United States

Covers all topics on the origins of life, but focuses especially on molecular evolution and evolution in a cosmic context. Abstracts available. Journal of the International Society for the Study of the Origin of Life.

Access Research Network: Christian de Duve Lectures on the Origins and Evolution of Life at UCSD
United States

Analysis of a 2001 lecture.