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US Ecology Inc. (ECOL) Moves Higher on Volume Spike for February 19 -
US Ecology Inc. (ECOL) traded on unusually high volume on Feb. 19, as the stock gained 13.13% to close at $56.85. On the day, US Ecology Inc. saw 211,394 shares trade hands on 2,111 trades. Considering that the stock averages only a daily volume of 94 ...
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Letters: Reign in Ecology - Longview Daily News

Longview Daily News
Thank you to our elected representatives, elected officials and union representatives from trades and labor who stood together to address the Department of Ecology failures last week. Reps. Jim Walsh and Brian Blake, and Sen. Dean Takko announced their ...

US Ecology Inc. (ECOL) Soars 13.13% on February 19 -
US Ecology Inc. (ECOL) had a good day on the market for Monday February 19 as shares jumped 13.13% to close at $56.85. About 211,394 shares traded hands on 2,111 trades for the day, compared with an average daily volume of 84,529 shares out of a total ...

Thomson Ecology

Letchworth, Hertfordshire - United Kingdom

The UK's leading ecology specialists. Independent ecology consultancy offering nationwide service. Professional ecologists, all with IEEM membership. Thomson Ecology is the UK's largest specialist ecology consultancy. We have carried out thousands of successful projects for our clients. When involved in the early stages of a project, we save our clients both time and money. We offer a total ecological solution, from initial advice and surveys to complete mitigation. Thomson Habitats, our sister company, carries out wildlife contracting and habitat creation, and Thomson Unicomarine, is our marine specialist. Our ecology consultancy services cover terrestrial, freshwater and marine environments. We have over 100 ecologists operating on a nationwide basis. Our ecology consultants are fully qualified and have membership of IEEM, our professional body.

Thomson Ecology
United Kingdom

Offers ecological consultancy services in the UK including scoping studies, surveys, mitigation schemes, post-project monitoring, ecological and arboricultural impact assessments, strategic environmental assessments and expert witness appearances.

Thomson Unicomarine Ltd
United States

Thomson Unicomarine, part of Thomson Ecology, is a well established marine ecology consultancy. For over 25 years our taxonomic experts have built up a vast database of species taxonomy for the aquatic environment. This is backed up by an extensive laboratory reference collection of more than 94,000 specimens, representing 3619 taxa. Our marine biology laboratory is one of the largest in the world, processing over 2000 samples a year for marin

Thomson: Free Resources

Includes the Index to Organism Names, a publicly available subset of TRITON the Taxonomy Resource, and the Zoological Record Thesaurus.

Gazella thomsoni (Thomson's Gazelle)
United States

Facts and photos of Thomson's Gazelle. Discusses diet, habitat, predators and social life.

New York State Zoo at Thomson Park
United States

Watertown. Includes visitor information, education programs, and special events.

Thomson Pre-Natal Diagnostic Laboratory

One of Singapore's first cytogenetics laboratories, Thomson Prenatal Diagnostic Laboratory specializes in the identification of chromosomal abnormalities such as Down Syndrome, Patau Syndrome and Edwards Syndrome. The laboratory facilitates for the rapid diagnosis of common chromosomal abnormalities by either quantitative fluorescent polymerase chain reaction (QFPCR) or fluorescent in-situ hybridization (FISH) testing.

Western Environment and Ecology, Inc. - Ecology Division
United States

Company offers advice on and services to assist with endangered species, wetlands, prairie dogs.Located in Littleton, Colorado (Denver area) and Grand Junction, Colorado.

United States

Publishes research and synthesis papers on all aspects of ecology. Details of current issues, board of editors, scope and content.

Functional Ecology
United Kingdom

A journal of the British Ecological Society. Publishes short original papers in a wide range of ecological topics, but particularly emphasizes the fields of physiological, biophysical and evolutionary ecology.

Online review articles about ecology, natural history, and the environment.