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Evolution's New Frontiers - Project Syndicate

Project Syndicate
So it is no surprise that these advances are providing valuable insights into the field of evolutionary biology as well, including evidence supporting the nearly neutral theory of molecular evolution that I developed in 1973. As is typical in science ...

90 Years Ago, Scopes (and Evolution) Indicted in Tennessee - History

In March 1925, the Tennessee legislature passed the Butler Act, outlawing the teaching of evolution, or any theory that challenged the Bible's account of creation, in any public school receiving state funds. Soon after the new law passed, the American ...

Why Do Some Doctors Reject Evolution? - Pacific Standard

Pacific Standard
Earlier this month, Dr. Ben Carson announced that he's running for president. Carson was previously the head of pediatric neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions. He also rejects the theory of evolution. Here at Pacific Standard, his stance ...

Three Domains Theory

Louisville - United States

Includes a map of the Three Domains (Archaea, Bacteria, and Eucarya) and looks at how molecular-phylogenetic studies have reshaped the tree of life, showing that the main diversity of life is microbial.

Three Domains of Life, The
United States

Looks at how the analysis of Archaea DNA lead to microbiologist Carl Woese's proposal for a reorganized Tree of Life made up of Three Domains: Eukarya, Eubacteria (true bacteria), and Archaea.

United Kingdom

A database built from Pfam, PRINTS and PROSITE.

A New Germ Theory
United States

The dictates of evolution virtually demand that the causes of some of humanity's chronic and most baffling "noninfectious" illnesses will turn out to be pathogens -- that is the radical view of a prominent evolutionary biologist.

Molecular Information Theory
United States

Home page of the Molecular Information Theory group at the Center for Cancer Research Nanobiology Program, NIH.

United States

The Emuseum's general overview of human evolution summarizing people in the study of human evolution, terms, hominid fossil images and links.

United States

A paper on a genetic model for the cause of cancer describing a counter mechanism for the cell's life span and how this counter can cause cancer.

Molecular Information Theory
United States

The theory of molecular machines from the NIH Laboratory of Computational and Experimental Biology.

History of Evolutionary Theory
United States

Evolutionary topics and scientists in their historical context - from Museum of Paleontology, UC-Berkeley.

Human Evolution Theory
United States

Human evolution theory utilizing concepts of neoteny & female sexual selection. An etiology of neuropsychological disorders such as autism and dyslexia, and the origin of left handedness.

Synthetic Theory of Evolution
United States

Offers an introduction to late 20th century evolutionary concepts and theories.