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Assistant Ecologist / Ecologist with First Ecology -
Are you keen to start or progress your career in ecological consulting with a company that will invest in your professional development long-term? Do you have a mature, responsible and determined work ethic, passion for wildlife and a pragmatic ...

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Odessa American
... software as well as a leading provider of both preclinical and clinical pharmacometric consulting services for regulatory submissions and quantitative systems pharmacology/toxicology models for drug-induced liver injury and nonalcoholic fatty liver ...

Thund consulting

Reykjavik - Iceland

Thund is an innovative consulting company where scientific expertise is applied to the study of ecosystems. The company specialises in the assessment of biological communities, especially of vegetation and associated insect fauna. Ongoing projects centre on both natural and manmade environment, using ecological data in the assessment process while supporting the sustainable use and restoration of ecological communities.

Centient Consulting, Inc.
United States

Business, science and technology consulting services to biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies that utilize genomic and proteomic based drug discovery.

B-Tech Consulting, Ltd.
United States

Bioinformatics company specializing in analytical services and contract research for academic and industrial institutions. Provides details of services offered and a company profile.

ACE Consulting
United Kingdom

Independent ecological consultants based in Bath, UK, offering professional advice and undertaking protected species and habitat surveys, monitoring and mitigation.

Ardea Consulting
United States

Consultants in avian and wildlife toxicology and ecology. Work has been conducted throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Ecological Consulting
United States

Professional consulting services supporting ecosystem management, inventory, and research. Location: Ontario, Canada.

Terwilliger Consulting
United States

Specialists in conservation, offering services including natural resource inventories and planning for endangered and nongame wildlife management. Based on the US Delmarva Peninsula.

Immunobiochem Consulting
United States

Company aiming to provide innovative solutions to companies and individuals engaged in scientific research in a number of fields including immunology, biochemistry and gene therapy.

Protein Consulting
United States

Consulting services on all aspects of recombinant protein expression, including vector and protein design and more, for the biotech and pharma industries, and biomedical organizations.

Magilla Consulting
United States

Preclinical pharmacology and cell biology consulting services. Medical and scientific writing and editing services. What We Do: Consulting to the biopharmaceutical industry: Disciplines Cell Biology Pharmacology Therapeutic Areas: Oncology Inflammation Neuroscience Medical and scientific writing and editing services: Manuscripts Meeting reports Grants White papers Powerpoint educational presentation

Biotechnology Consulting

"Biotechnology is one of the most emerging technologies of the 21st century. Transformation of scientific discoveries into applicable human drugs and medicines is the most challenging task in Biotechnology today, and requires expert knowledge and enthusiasm" Biotechnology Consulting is a drug development and regulatory affairs management consultancy that assists high-tech biotechnology and pharma companies to analyse, determine and implement