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New genomic tool for salamander biology could spur deeper understanding of tissue regeneration - Science Daily

Science Daily
New genomic tool for salamander biology could spur deeper understanding of tissue regeneration. Date: January 17, 2017; Source: Brigham and Women's Hospital; Summary: A research team has assembled a catalogue of every active gene in a variety of ...

Marine biology scholarships available -
Only students who are conducting research related to the biology, ecology, habitat or management of fish in Florida's marine environment will be eligible. The awards program takes into consideration the breadth of research methods needed to effectively ...

Stem Cells Broaden Potential If Deprived of miRNA - Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News

Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News
The current study was led by Lin He, Ph.D., a UC Berkeley associate professor of molecular and cell biology. It not only reveals a novel mechanism regulating the "totipotent-like" stem cell state, noted Dr. He, but also provides a powerful cell-culture ...
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Tissue Culture Methods

Baltimore - United States

Describes the equipment and work space requirements for cell and tissue growth. Includes details on cryopreservation, maintenance, media prep procedures, safety considerations and link to the masters degree at University of Maryland Baltimore County.

Tissue Culture Protocols
United States

Guides in support sales of media, growth regulators, antibiotics and sterilization reagents from Sigma-Aldrich Co.

Plumeria Tissue Culture
United States

Provides methods and results of tissue culture studies, detailing tissue acquisition, media, and mite damage problems.

Plant Tissue Culture
United States

Laboratory protocol for micropropagation from stem tip, node, meristem, embryo or seed. Includes forum maintained by the National Health Museum, Washington, DC.

Plant Tissue Culture Information Exchange
United States

Global resource for researchers, teachers and producers. Includes links to equipment, media, commercial micropropagation labs, and research reports including chimeral segregation and somatic embryogenesis, maintained by the Texas A&M Horticulture program, in College Station.


An international journal on biotechnology of higher plants. Ordering information, samples, tables of contents, abstracts and links.

Methods and Protocols
United States

A collection of links to protocols used in biosciences.

Methods in Cell Science
United States

A forum for publishing the most up-to-date methods developed during the course of cell science research involving vertebrates, invertebrates, plants or single-celled prokaryotic or eukaryotic organisms. Available online.

Journal of Microbiological Methods

The only journal in microbiology dedicated exclusively to methodology and protocols, covers all disciplines including genomics, proteomics and micro-array technology. Free full text to special issues.

Methods in Plant Histology
United States

Containing research techniques and methodology regarding plant histology, or the study of the tissue structure of plants.

Innovative Methods of Computing [IMC]

Andreas Deutsch heads the theoretical biology research group at the Technische Universit+nt Dresden, which is interested in the development of mathematical models and simulation tools to detect organizational principles of selected biological systems.