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Mouse artificial 'embryo' created from stem cells - BioNews

The researchers had previously worked on a simpler structure of a mouse embryo consisting of two types of stem cells and a 3D jelly scaffold. In the new study – published in Nature Cell Biology – they used all three types of stem cells: embryonic stem ...

Dr. Jekyll, Mr. Hyde: Healing mesenchymal cells morph and destroy muscles in models of spinal cord injury, ALS and ... - Science Daily

Science Daily
The findings were published today in Nature Cell Biology. By studying the muscles of ALS patients and mouse models of motor neuron injury or disease, the scientists found FAP cells actually promoted muscle wasting and scarring. The cells activated a ...

Scientists use mouse stem cells to move closer to creating artificial ... - Firstpost

An international team of scientists has moved closer to creating artificial embryos after using mouse stem cells to make structures capable of taking a crucial step ...
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The Asian Age

Trans-NIH Mouse Initiative

Pikesville - United States

This site will provide information on: follow-up meetings to the initial March meeting; funding opportunities for mouse genomics and genetics resources; major resources-producing grants funded in response to the initiative; progress toward meeting the goals of the initiative; major mouse genomics and genetics resources; courses and scientific meetings related to the mouse initiative; and selected reports and publications.

Trans-NIH Mouse Initiative
United States

Setting priorities for mouse genomics and genetics resources.

NIA/NIH Mouse Genomics
United States

Features searchable databases for t-complex genome sequencing and cDNA clone set. Includes staff profiles and positions available.

Mouse Genomics - Laboratory of Genetics, NIA/NIH
United States

CDNA and t-complex genome sequencing projects.

Herping The Trans-Pecos
United States

Pictorial tour of the species in several regions of west Texas. Images and notes on herpetofauna found in the area.

Trans-Sexual Fish
United States

David Allsop at the University of Edinburgh has been studying fish that can change sex at some point during their life. [PDF]

Trans Time, Inc. -- Cryonics Services
United States

A cryonics service provider in San Leandro, California.

Trans-Pennine Balinese, Oriental & Siamese Cat Club
United States
NIH: Grants & Funding Opportunities
United States

Grants and Funding Opportunities at the National Institutes of Health

Office of Biotechnology Activities at the NIH
United States

Monitors scientific progress and ethical issues in basic and clinical research involving recombinant DNA and human gene transfer at NIH funded institutions.

NIH Rat Genomics and Genetics
United States

Serves as a central point for information on NIH sponsored and related rat genetic and genomic activities and resources. Includes courses and meetings, reports and publications, and related resources.