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No Man's Sky update's patch notes reveal free weekly events, new missions to come - Polygon

The biggest update ever for No Man's Sky is available now, and patch notes for the game's latest version detail at length just how much content it adds. Alongside the previously announced multiplayer features, third-person mode and expanded base ...
The A.V. Club

Mega Man X's groundbreaking evolution sent it soaring into the skies - The A.V. Club

The A.V. Club
But even as it was clinging to the past, trying to find the next set of robot dog armor to liven up another moribund installment, there was a similar evolutionary leap working its magic on the Mega Man team. The end result was a brand new sub-series of ...

The anatomy of a soccer club: Business development - KEZI TV

Springfield, Ore. -- "Basically this whole thing came out of me contacting the friends of Civic at the time," recalls Lane United general manager, Dave Galas. "Just seeing where things stood because things seemed to stagnate a little bit. That's really ...

Trans-Pennine Balinese, Oriental & Siamese Cat Club

United States

Siamese Internet Cat Club
United States

Dedicated to Siamese world domination.

Siamese Cat Club Welfare Trust
United Kingdom

Charity looking after the welfare of Siamese cats. Operates a rescue, re-homing, and fostering service.

Siamese and Oriental Pedigree Search

Pedigree database with 162000+ entries as of January 2003, from Ardeleana's cattery.

FAQ - Traditional Balinese Cat Breed
United States
Singapura Cat Club

Club containing useful information and contacts about the breed.

Internet Cat Club

Provides articles relating to cats and feline health, animal rights, child safe Internet sites, and links to animal and missing children sites.

Somali Cat Club of America
United States

Breed history, genetics, health, links and more.

Garden State Cat Club
United States

Dedicated to the welfare and health of cats.

UK Club for the Norwegian Forest Cat, The
United Kingdom

Features FAQs, and breeders lists and standards.

Southern British Shorthair Cat Club
United Kingdom

Show results, member links, and mission statement.