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13 years after emerald ash borer's arrival, metro Detroit communities embrace ... - Model D

Model D
Detroiter Kevin Bingham is well acquainted with the plight of southeast Michigan's ash trees. As a tree caregiver, he's been working with various tree services in the metro area since 2001. Bingham noticed an upsurge in clients wanting ash trees pruned ...

Anatomy of a smoke spike, 90s by Sunday? - Minnesota Public Radio News (blog)

Minnesota Public Radio News (blog)
It's nice to see the color blue in the Weather Lab sky again this morning after a smoky red sunset last night. Colorful sunset through thick smoke layer at the Weather Lab in Victoria Monday evening. Paul. Colorful sunset through thick smoke layer at ...

Toxicology Report: School Bus Driver Killed in January Crash Had Massive ... - TWC News

TWC News
ROCHESTER, N.Y. -- A Rochester man who died in Jan. 2015 when the school bus he was driving sideswiped another bus and crashed into a tree on Hudson Avenue had an underlying heart condition, according to the toxicology report. The family of Edwin ...

Tree and Wood Identification: Red Oak

Blacksburg - United States

Pictures and facts about red oak leaves and wood.

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    Botany - Plants

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    WMS Kids' Section: Tree and Wood Identification - Red Oak

Molecular Expressions Tree Collection: Northern Red Oak
United States

Presents microscopic images of Quercus rubra, the Northern Red Oak.
United States

Provides information about the general identification of trees as well as more specific techniques for a limited number of species. Includes information about dendrology.


A resource for beginners and others. Includes a collection of descriptive graphics showing leaves, and buds, with notes.

Tree Identification Expert
United States

Offers software which identifies northern forest trees. Includes details of the trees covered and an FAQ.

Tree Anatomy and Identification -
United States

Article and collection of online resources for identifying trees. Includes an online interview to identify the leaves of fifty common native North American trees.

Quercus falcata var. falcata and var. pagodifolia (Southern Red Oak and Cherrybark Oak)
United States

For each variety, discusses habitat, native range, associated forest cover, and detailed facts on reproduction and growth. Includes distribution maps.

The Red Mangrove-tree Crab
United States

Photographic study of this crustacean by Hugh Mitchell-Tapping with close-ups of various appendages and information and photographs of developing larvae.

The Red-eyed Tree Frog
United States

Research project by Lindsey Bergin providing information on Agalychnis callidryas, its classification, habitat, adaptation, nutrition, reproduction and interaction with other species.

Quercus rubra (Red Oak)

Photos of fruit, leaf, bud, flower, bark, and form.

Red Oak - Quercus rubra
United States

From a site dedicated to common trees of Camp Conestoga.