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Fluid dynamics may play key role in evolution of cooperation ... - Science Daily

Science Daily
In a new study, physicists examined how the mechanical properties of an environment may shape the social evolution of microbial populations.
EurekAlert (press release)

From Drone Swarms to Tree Batteries, New Tech Is Revolutionizing Ecology and Conservation - Singularity Hub

Singularity Hub
Understanding Earth's species and ecosystems is a monumentally challenging scientific pursuit. But with the planet in the grip of its sixth mass extinction event, it has never been a more pressing priority. To unlock nature's secrets, ecologists turn ...

Molecular Biology Enzymes and Kits & Reagents Market Analysis And In-Depth Research On Market Dynamics, Trends ... - Expert Consulting

Expert Consulting
Global Molecular Biology Enzymes and Kits & Reagents Marketreport provides in-depth statistics and analysis available on the market status of the Molecular Biology Enzymes and Kits & Reagents Manufacturers and is a valuable method of obtaining ...

Tree Root Architecture, Root Dynamics and Rhizosphere Processes

Bologna - Italy

Information on research into tree root architecture, tree root growth and tree stability.

Squaw-root or Cancer-root: Conopholis americana
United States

Several photographs of this parasitic plant.

Root-knot Nematode
United States

Information from Wikipedia on the plant-parasitic nematodes from the genus Meloidogyne and their life cycle.

Cosmopolites sordidus: Banana Root Borer
United States

Photographs and a description of this weevil, its distribution, life cycle, biology, host plants and management.

Vitacea polistiformes: Grape Root Borer
United States

Photograph of this insect and information on its hosts, symptoms, life cycle and description.

Arachnitis uniflora: Root Morphology and Anatomy
United States

Abstract of research into the association of Glomus species with the non-photosynthesizing plant Arachnis uniflora.

United Kingdom

Provides an introduction to the processes involved in the fixation of atmospheric nitrogen, with clear explanatory diagrams. [PDF]


Symposium on plant roots with the objective of understanding the morphology and function of whole root systems as a dynamic interface between plants and the earth.

Changes of Root Morphology and Pb Uptake by Two Species of Elsholtzia uner Pb Toxicity

Journal article. [PDF]

United States

journal article [PDF]

Prionus sp: Prionus Root Borer
United States

Photograph of a beetle in this genus and information on its hosts, symptoms and description.