Biology News
Country Ecology: Common tern - Conway Daily Sun

Conway Daily Sun
Probably the tern we are most likely seeing on the New Hampshire seacoast, or so we think, is the common tern. So many terns resemble it, that we often go no further in identification efforts. It is abundant and widespread, so we infer whenever we see ...

From birds & fish to fruit trees, Eco Park rich in biodiversity | Kolkata ... - Times of India

Times of India
KOLKATA: The Housing Infrastructure Development Corporation (Hidco), undertaking a stock of the biodiversity at Eco Park with the help of the forest d.

Romance is in the air at London's green spaces - Los Angeles Times

Los Angeles Times
So why not relax on a picnic blanket with your very own Maids of Honour among the exotic flora and fauna, lakes, ponds and ancient trees. There would be no better way to celebrate the upcoming royal wedding than with your own spot of alfresco romance ...

Trees Identification

Gunzenhausen - Germany

Provides help with tree identification.

Identification of Common Trees of Iowa
United States

An interactive guide to trees, using a simple visual dichotomous key.

Identification of Common Trees of Iowa: An Interactive Key
United States

Interactive key to aid in identifying the most common trees in Iowa. Includes information on leaves, fruits, and bark.

United States

Comprehensive guide to trees from the National Arbor Day Foundation. Learn about the benefits of trees; tree selection, care, planting, and pruning; and how to identify different tree species.

Trees of London
United Kingdom

Tree identification using examples of trees located in London. Illustrated with photographs of trees, bark, flowers, fruit and leaves.

Plane Trees

Descriptions of plane trees (Platanus) grown in London, UK.

About Elm Trees
United States

Descriptions of ten species of Ulmus, how to identify different species, basic biology of the genus, and advice on caring for elms in the landscape.

Trees Are Good
United States

Designed to educate the public about proper tree care. Trees Are Good also addresses the benefits and value of trees along with tree planting information.

eNature: Trees
United States

Photographic nature field guides for identifying trees, sorted by leaf type: needle-leaf conifers, scale-leaf conifers, untoothed simple leaves, toothed simple leaves, lobed simple leaves, compound leaves, and palms.

About Oak Trees
United States

Provides detailed information about different types of oaks, as well as pictures, and links to sites that sell them.

Elephant Trees
United Kingdom

Information and photographs of these trees with swollen trunks, adapted for desert life, Bursera microphylla and Pachycormus discolor.