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CCCFS plants trees in Ashanti Region to protect dying cocoa trees, ecology from devastation - GhanaWeb

Ghanaian based non-governmental organisation, Centre for Climate Change and Food Security (CCCFS) has began its second phase of piloted tree planting program at Timeabu in the Ashanti region to protect dying cocoa trees and ecology from devastation ...

Lichens and moss are beneficial to forest ecology - Times Herald-Record

Times Herald-Record
Q: There are greenish-gray patches all over the trees in our woods. I've heard people talk about lichen and moss killing trees and many of our trees do not look healthy. Do I need to be worried? - Anna, Livingston Manor. A: There are many types of ...

Tent caterpillars enjoying all-you-can-eat buffet in Nova Scotia trees this spring - CTV News

CTV News
“It all depends on what our spring is like, and whether there's much winter kill, and what the conditions are like now,” says Andrew Hebda, a curator of zoology with the Nova Scotia Museum of Natural History. “They like the moist conditions, nice fresh ...

Local school's shark dissection introduces elementary students to marine life, sciences - Camp Lejeune Globe

Camp Lejeune Globe
Looking at specimens under a microscope, identifying trees and collecting samples of lake water are some memories we might carry away from biology classes in our school years. Was dissecting a shark one of those memories? It most likely was not, ...

Herb grower: Small farms have big impact Iredell - Statesville Record & Landmark

Statesville Record & Landmark
Dressed in a matching dark purple vest and corduroy pants, Madge Eggena stalked her Australian shepherds Herby and Poppy across her backyard. Birds chirped, trees swayed and an ornery rooster named Arthur crowed in the humid morning air. Eggena's ...

Taken for “granite” - Montgomery Herald

Montgomery Herald
Last week I had the privilege of joining Crystal Cockman from the LandTrust for Central North Carolina and Nell Allen from the North Carolina Zoo exploring the flora and fauna on a property just east of Salisbury. Now covered with trees and luscious ...

Endangered Species and the Case for 'Sanctuary Cities' - WIRED

From eucalyptus trees to ring-necked pheasants and zebra mussels, introduced species often compete with native flora and fauna for habitat and food. In some cases, they outcompete native species and become “invasive”—a label we give to species that ...


Moon Trees
United States

History of the trees whose seeds accompanied the Apollo 14 mission in 1971 and were planted throughout the United States. ...

Trees of London
United Kingdom

Tree identification using examples of trees located in London. Illustrated with photographs of trees, bark, flowers, fruit and leaves.

Paulownia - History and Description
United States

Describes three species of "dragon trees" and tells about this tree's historical cultivation and use in China.


Designed to assist those interested in learning some of the common trees and shrubs found in the province.

United States

Comprehensive guide to trees from the National Arbor Day Foundation. Learn about the benefits of trees; tree selection, care, planting, ...

Tips 4 Trees
United States

How to promote healthy, long-lived trees. Lists good (and bad) pruning, thinning, aeration, watering, and fertilizing practices.

American Forests' National Register of Big Trees
United States

Features the largest known specimens of native and naturalized trees in the United States.

Year in the Wonderland of Trees, A
United States

Articles and excerpts on the importance of trees and the environment. The children's textbook answers questions about Fall leaf color, ...

Trees Are Good
United States

Designed to educate the public about proper tree care. trees Are Good also addresses the benefits and value of trees ...

United Kingdom

Uses reconciled trees to compare gene trees and species trees, explaining incongruence between the phylogenies by postulating horizontal transfer, gene ...

British Trees
United Kingdom

Guide to the native trees of Britain, plus links to other web resources on forestry and conservation of British Native ...

Phylogenetic Systematics, a.k.a. Evolutionary Trees
United States

tutorial from the Understanding Evolution website covering: how to read an evolutionary tree, how to classify organisms based on evolutionary ...

Identifying Trees of Michigan
United States

A page on the common trees of Michigan with a key.

Trees of Time and Place
United States

Project encouraging the planting of trees in the new millennium.

Identification of Common Trees of Iowa
United States

An interactive guide to trees, using a simple visual dichotomous key.

World Community of Old Trees
United States

Painting and drawings of old trees by students. Includes project ideas for teachers.

Ariadne's Trees and Forests
United States

Glossary of tree-related terms; articles on California trees, hiking, and meditation.

What Tree is That?
United States

Resources from the National Arbor Day Foundation for identifying trees and leaves in the Eastern, Central, and Western United States.

United States

Brief text and numerous photos of both native and planted trees. Includes section illustrating terminology with photographs.

Elephant Trees
United Kingdom

Information and photographs of these trees with swollen trunks, adapted for desert life, Bursera microphylla and Pachycormus discolor.

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