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A sugar rush of DNA methylation -
Diabetes predisposes to cancer development, but the molecular mechanisms underlying this tumour-promoting effect are poorly understood. Wu et al. now show that elevated glucose levels, which are a hallmark of diabetes, are directly linked to decreased ...

Scientists discover 'smart genes' that also pose as a risk factor for depression - Firstpost

"These results are a major step forward in understanding the neurobiology of cognitive function as well as genetically related neurological and psychiatric disorders," the researchers said. More than 250,000 individuals were tested for their genetic ...

IgE in skin stress surveillance -
IgE is an ancient immunoglobulin but its true function is still a matter of debate. Previously proposed functions for IgE include a crucial role in protection against helminths and in host defence against noxious environmental substances, such as venoms.

Trivedi Effect: Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Relationship Advice, ADHD

Henderson - United States

The Trivedi Effect - Get relief from sadness, confusion, Anxiety, fatigue, Depression, ADD & ADHD. Mahendra Trivedi offers relationship advice, stress management and anger management, join wellness programs, retreats and live a happy life. Our mission is to integrate this intelligent energy with technology to create a new science on this planet.

Takin and Muskox Relationship
United States

Examines the relationship and phylogenetic characteristics shared between these two animals.

American Dog Trainers Network: Separation Anxiety
United States

Includes causes, symptoms, and remedies.

Aquarium Advice
United States

Offers a friendly and helpful community with an ocean of information on freshwater and saltwater fish.

Reptile Advice
Cayman Islands

Community site for people to share and get help with their pet snakes, lizards, spiders, and such.

United Kingdom

Information on the research being undertaken in the ESBRC at the University of Plymouth.

Plant Biology Advice
United States

Offers information on various aspects of plant biology. Topics range from growing plants in the garden to university level botanical articles, university choice advice, and molecular biology techniques.

Dog Behaviour Advice
Hong Kong

A collection of articles from the late Alan Newman-Moore, a dog handler who promoted reducing dog aggression through the use of gentle methods of training and socialization.

Bioindicators of Aquatic Ecosystem Stress
United States

Biological indicators have been developed and applied at field sites in the eastern U.S. to assess the effects that environmental stressors such as contaminants have on the health of aquatic organisms. (Environmental Sciences Division at Oak Ridge National Laboratory.)

Stem Cell Therapy Advice Centre
United States

Offers to assist patients in making informed decisions on the best course of treatment and suitable clinics worldwide.


Papers on integrated relationships between environmental stressors and integrity of aquatic ecosystems.