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Pros Reflect on the RLCS World Championship's Rapid Evolution - Red Bull

Red Bull
Rocket League has seen a lot of change and evolution in a relatively short amount of time, and many of the players and casters from the original RLCS International Finals were still along for the ride in London. We asked them about what it's been like ...

Renault: Red Bull split a "natural evolution" -
Twelve years after it first supplied Red Bull with engines, Renault believes the time will be right to split with the championship-winning Formula One team at the end of the year. Editor's Picks. Red Bull to switch to Honda power in 2019. Red Bull will ...

OLIVET NAZARENE UNIVERSITY: Olivet Zoology Majors Recognized for Outstanding Research - Kankakee Times

Kankakee Times
Kim Zralka, now a senior zoology major, received the first place honor for the presentation of findings in her study of red-headed woodpeckers. The focus of her project is twofold: 1) investigate what factors are important in maintaining high ...

Trombicula sp: Chiggers, Jiggers, Harvest Mites or Red Bugs

Stillwater - United States

Illustrations of these pests, with information on their hosts, their description, life cycle and control.

Assassin Bugs & Ambush Bugs of Kentucky
United States

Photographic guide from the University of Kentucky Entomology to the assassin and ambush bugs commonly found in the state.

Harvest Mouse (Micromys minutus)
United Kingdom

Photographs and information on this species which has a prehensile tail, including a description, distribution, habitat, diet, behavior and reproduction.

Harvest Mouse: Micromys minutus
United States

Information from ARKive including images and videos.

Healthy Harvest - Hydroponic Growing Systems
United States

Hydroponic growing is becoming trendy these days amongst nature lovers. As you get total command over your plants this way, you can become the owner of some of the most beautiful plants without having to work like a farmer. You can even grow your own vegetables and eat the healthiest food this planet can offer you. At Healthy Harvest Florida we strive to provide unparalleled levels of Service, Selection & Prices. Our team has collectively over 10

United States

Illustrated fact sheet from Ohio State University.

United States

Chiggers are the larvae of mites belonging to the family Trombiculidae. This article describes their biology, their preferred habitat and control measures.

United States

Brief article about the identification, biology, and control of chiggers found in Texas, as well as treatment for chigger bites.

Itchy Chiggers
United States

University of Nebraska Cooperative Extension factsheet and audio message on the biology and control of chiggers, which are the larvae of the harvest mite, Trombicula alfreddugesi.

HowStuffWorks: What are Chiggers and how do they bite?
United States
Texas A&M Bulleting L-1223: Chiggers
United States

Biology, identification, and information on reducing the itching caused by bites.