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The Octopus Project, Mean Queen, Calico Vision, Botany - Flagpole Magazine

Flagpole Magazine
Since releasing its debut, Identification Parade, in 2002, The Octopus Project has unleashed five additional full-lengths of beatific, electronic-tinted indie pop, with the latest being last year's Memory Mirror. The Austin, TX group, known for its ...

Homing pigeons use local natural odors to find their way - EurekAlert (press release)

EurekAlert (press release)
Gagliardo and her colleagues have published their research in Springer's Journal of Comparative Physiology A. The researchers set out to test the olfactory activation hypothesis proposed by a team of Portuguese and American scientists in 2009 and 2010, ...

White Clover Can Be an Annoying Weed. It May Also Hold Secrets to Urban Evolution. - New York Times

New York Times
Cities work as great natural test cases for evolution, said Marc Johnson, the director of the Centre for Urban Environments at the University of Toronto, Mississauga, who led the research. “In many ways it's an unplanned experiment happening throughout ...

Twig Identification Test

Peterborough - Canada

Interactive identification of leafless twigs and axillary buds. For the trees and shrubs of Ontario.

  • Category:

    Botany - Dendrology

  • Description:

    Natural Resource Skills - Twig Test.


An interactive guide to identifying trees and shrubs of Ontario. Image intensive.

Oncideres cingulata: Twig Girdler
United States

Photographs of this beetle and its larva, with information on its hosts, symptoms, life cycle and description.

Amphicerus bicaudatus: Apple Twig Borer
United States

Photographs of this insect and information on its hosts, life cycle, description, damage and control.

Xylosandrus compactus: Black Twig Borer
United States

Photographs and a description of this beetle, its distribution, diagnosis, biology, hosts, detection and management.

Elongate Twig Ant: Pseudomyrmex gracilis
United States

Provides a detailed description and photograph of this ant, with information on its foraging characteristics, nest sites, diet and distribution.

Anarsia lineatella: Peach Twig Borer
United States

Photograph of this insect and information on its hosts, habitat, life cycle and description.

DNA Test
United States

Information about DNA Testing, including its utilization in determining paternity, ethnicity, and ancestry. Also includes articles concerning DNA testing centers, home DNA tests, dog DNA tests.

What DNA test?

At the website, there is a blog providing a general introduction to genetics as well as information and news on DNA tests: paternity testing, ancestry search, health and disease factors, etc.

Antimicrobial Test Laboratories
United States

Laboratory in Texas established to help companies research and develop antimicrobials, including disinfectants. Provides details of the services offered and a company profile.

Test Method Evaluations
United States

Examples of alternative toxicological tests evaluated and approved, to reduce, refine, or replace the use of animals and to be economic in cost and time factors. From the ICCVAM Working Group, coordinated by NICEATM, for multiple agencies of US Federal Government.