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Country Ecology: Common tern - Conway Daily Sun

Conway Daily Sun
Probably the tern we are most likely seeing on the New Hampshire seacoast, or so we think, is the common tern. So many terns resemble it, that we often go no further in identification efforts. It is abundant and widespread, so we infer whenever we see ...

GCSE biology students are sharing their horror at a tough, carrot-based question -
GCSE exams are always going to be difficult, but this year's students are Tweeting about a particularly tricky question in their biology paper. The AQA test asked students why carrots don't increase in mass when they're boiled … and students were ...

The hidden biodiversity of amphibian pathogens - Science Magazine

Science Magazine
In the United States—the world's biodiversity hot spot for salamanders and currently free of Bsal—a multinational scientific task force has been created to test the susceptibility of native species and to prepare an emergency response should Bsal be ...
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Twig Identification Test

Peterborough - Canada

Interactive identification of leafless twigs and axillary buds. For the trees and shrubs of Ontario.

  • Category:

    Botany - Dendrology

  • Description:

    Natural Resource Skills - Twig Test.


An interactive guide to identifying trees and shrubs of Ontario. Image intensive.

Oncideres cingulata: Twig Girdler
United States

Photographs of this beetle and its larva, with information on its hosts, symptoms, life cycle and description.

Amphicerus bicaudatus: Apple Twig Borer
United States

Photographs of this insect and information on its hosts, life cycle, description, damage and control.

Xylosandrus compactus: Black Twig Borer
United States

Photographs and a description of this beetle, its distribution, diagnosis, biology, hosts, detection and management.

Elongate Twig Ant: Pseudomyrmex gracilis
United States

Provides a detailed description and photograph of this ant, with information on its foraging characteristics, nest sites, diet and distribution.

Anarsia lineatella: Peach Twig Borer
United States

Photograph of this insect and information on its hosts, habitat, life cycle and description.

DNA Test
United States

Information about DNA Testing, including its utilization in determining paternity, ethnicity, and ancestry. Also includes articles concerning DNA testing centers, home DNA tests, dog DNA tests.

What DNA test?

At the website, there is a blog providing a general introduction to genetics as well as information and news on DNA tests: paternity testing, ancestry search, health and disease factors, etc.

Antimicrobial Test Laboratories
United States

Laboratory in Texas established to help companies research and develop antimicrobials, including disinfectants. Provides details of the services offered and a company profile.

Test Method Evaluations
United States

Examples of alternative toxicological tests evaluated and approved, to reduce, refine, or replace the use of animals and to be economic in cost and time factors. From the ICCVAM Working Group, coordinated by NICEATM, for multiple agencies of US Federal Government.