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Ancient Forest Home of Squatter Communities Is Doomed by Coal - National Geographic

National Geographic
RWE has argued that because it acquired and began developing Hambach well before the Habitats Directive came into existence, the forest is not protected by the directive. So far, the courts have agreed. Steffen says the company is sensitive to the ...

Forest plants on the edge of existence in tropical Africa - Phys.Org

Tropical rain forests are one of the most biologically diverse habitats on the planet but description of flora and fauna and understanding of their evolutionary history are far from complete. As they are a source of sustainable resources including ...

Replacement park would not compensate for loss of biodiversity in new homes appeal - PlanningResource

As the proposal would result in the loss of around nine per cent of a designated wildlife corridor and a similar amount of a biological notification site, loss of grassland habitats and aquatic margins, the inspector found harm to wildlife, ecology and ...

UK Habitats

United Kingdom

An exploration of heathland habitat and why it is important. Contains details of management and survey methods.

Carnivorous Plants and their Habitats

List of the 86 species of Nepenthes, with photos of many wild plants.

Carnivorous Plants and Their Habitats

Find photographs of carnivorous plant species in their natural habitats.

Field and Swamp: Animals and Their Habitats
United States

Features photographs with information of the habitats of animals including birds, insects, reptiles, mammals, and spiders in North Carolina.

Coastal Eelgrass Habitats of Rhode Island
United States

Interactive maps of Rhode Island eelgrass habitats, with downloadable GIS data, and policy and regulations pertaining to seagrass in RI.

Restoration and Creation of Saltmarshes and Other Intertidal Habitats
United Kingdom

Information on created saltmarshes in the UK, and an extensive bibliography of published work.

United States

From Neartica-the complete gateway to the natural world of North America.

United States

2004 mission to study the fantastic life forms of four alien landscapes in the Gulf of Mexico up to 3,000 feet deep.