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Opioid abuse and the pharmacology of how these drugs work - Fairfield Sun

Fairfield Sun
Opioid abuse has become a serious problem in the nation and in Connecticut. Pharmacist Robert Bepko will visit the Fairfield Public Library to talk about the nature of opioids and why they are so addictive on Thursday, Feb. 22, at 7 p.m., in the ...

Anatomy of a Coup - Townhall

Every place you look in Robert Mueller's investigation, the same names keep popping up: FBI agent Peter Strzok and sleazy, foreign private eye -- or "British intelligence agent" -- Christopher Steele. So it's rather important that they both are Trump ...
Breitbart News
Foreign Policy

'Two teams, one dream': Three club water polo teammates prepare to dance in THON 2018 - The Daily Collegian Online

The Daily Collegian Online
From left, club water polo's THON dancers, Emily Argentati (junior-finance), Robert Terchek III (senior-biochemistry) and Caroline Layden (senior-hospitality mangement) toss a water polo ball in front of Old Main on Wednesday, Feb. 14, 2018. Erin O ...

Ulanowicz, Robert E.

Solomons - United States

Theory of ascendency; ecosystems network analysis; causality; food-web studies; ecological thermodynamics and information theory.

Jackson, Robert B.
United States

Plant physiological ecology and ecosystem ecology. Full text of many recent publications and poster presentations.

Robert Fitzroy
United States

An encyclopedic description of Robert Fitzroy's life and work.

Robert Hooke
United Kingdom

Site devoted to the life and work of Robert Hooke, one of the leading scientists of 17th century England, and first Curator of Experiments at the Royal Society.

H. Robert Horvitz
United States

Personal page at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute. Includes biography and his principal research interests.

United Kingdom

Biographical article explaining his research identifying pathogens as the causative agents of particular diseases.

United States

Research on ischemic injuries in the neonatal brain.

Herpetology of Robert Jadin
United States

Dedicated to the conservation of reptiles and amphibians, this expeditionist's journal contains images, articles and stories.

United States

Diagnostic testing for inborn errors of metabolism with an emphasis on metabolic myopathies and mitochondrial diseases. Includes print-off forms and research updates.

United States

Joint graduate program of the George Washington University and the Smithsonian Institution, National Museum of Natural History.

Life history of Phenology expert Robert Marsham
United Kingdom

Educational site celebrating the tricentenary of the birth of Phenology expert Robert Marsham and his extraordinary innovative work which was a precursor of modern arboriculture.