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Rhino Poachers Prosecuted Using DNA Database - Scientific American

Scientific American
A genetic database that holds DNA from thousands of African rhinoceroses has secured the convictions of poachers and led to stiffer criminal sentences since its establishment eight years ago, researchers say. However, not all scientists are convinced ...

Shazam-like apps to identify plants and animals are in the works – and we should be worried -
Overall, the database holds more than 850 million observations of over a million different species of flora and fauna. The whale shark is the world's largest fish specie. Photo credit: Derek Keats/Wikimedia Commons [Licensed under CC BY 2.0]. It's an ...

AI is learning from our encounters with nature – and that's a concern - Phys.Org

Overall, the database holds more than 850 million observations of over a million different species of flora and fauna. It's an impressive achievement, a gestating, global catalogue of life. It allows us to see the world in new ways. For example just ...

UM-BBD: Biocatalysis/Biodegradation Database

Minneapolis - United States

Lists and describes microbial pathways for the enzymatic degradation of numerous synthetic compounds. Hosted by the University of Minnesota.

Bangor Biodegradation Group
United Kingdom

Research at Bangor University in the UK is focused on the molecular biology and biochemistry of the degradation of toluene, xylenes, naphthalene, nitro-substituted aromatics and aromatic esters by a range of bacteria.

Industrial Biotechnology and Biocatalysis: Centre of Expertise

Research at is focused on the microbial synthesis of fine and bulk chemicals and enzymes through fermentation and biocatalytic processes.

Binding Database
United States

Resource for deposition of measured binding affinities for natural, genetically or chemically modified, and synthetic compounds by isothermal titration calorimetry (ITC) and other inhibition methods. Maintained at UMBI, Rockville, MD.

The Aptamer Database
United States

Resource searchable by citation, journal, author, sequence and type of experiment, maintained by the Ellington Lab, University of Texas at Austin.

United States

Data repository of plant natural antimicrobial peptides.

RNase P Database
United States

A compilation of RNase P sequences, sequence alignments, secondary structures, three-dimensional structures, and accessory information.

CalFlora Database
United States

provides access to information about all 8375 currently recognized plants in California, including more than 670,000 plant observations and 20,000 photographs.

Immunogenetics Database
United Kingdom

Collection of integrated resources specializing in immunoglobulins, T cell receptors and the major histocompatibility complex in vertebrate species. Consists of sequence, structural and genome databases, maintained at EBI, UK.

Zoraptera Database
United States

A catalog, bibliography, and links for the insect order Zoraptera.

The New Reptile Database

The database covers all living snakes, lizards, turtles, amphisbaenians, tuataras, and crocodiles.