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Beatrice Tinsley and the Evolution of Galaxies - Hackaday

It seems almost absurd now, but cosmologists once assumed that galaxies of a given type were all the same and didn't change. Because of this assumption, galaxies were used as a redshift or light-based yardstick to measure distances in the universe. But ...

Did God use evolution to create universe? - Pakistan Observer

Pakistan Observer
THE basic tenet of Darwinism holds that living beings came into being spontaneously, as a result of coincidences. This view is completely contrary to the faith of Creation. The most important misconception of those who think that the theory of ...

All-Star Hailey Ames is Aiming for the Stars of the Human Universe - KLEW

Biology with a specialization in cell biology, molecular biology, and genetics." How does she even remember that? "I"ve had to practice it a couple times," she laughs. With that same focus on the future ahead of her, Hailey isn't forgetting the things ...

Universe Within, The


Educational exhibit comprised of actual human bodies and organs that have been preserved using a method known as plastination.

Ferret Universe
United States

Provides care and health resources. Includes angora ferret and marshall farms information.

United States

Identifying and resolving specifically targeted crises such as illegal dog fighting and the growing number of troubled youth.

Search for ET: Are Humans All Alone in the Universe?

Provides background on the search for life in the universe, information about all the planets in the solar system, and possibilities for life beyond.

Astrobiology: The Living Universe
United States

Information and interviews on exobiology, planetary biology, the origins of life, and human spaceflight.

Astrobiology : Life in the Universe
United States

NASA Astrobiology Program is intended to provide all interested people - including researchers, government officials, policy makers, teachers, students, and citizens - accurate, up-to-date, and comprehensive information on Program activities, accomplishments, and plans and the institutions, organizations, and people involved in the astrobiology enterprise worldwide. Information is provided at the site on specific elements of the Astrobiology P

The Astrobiology.Network: Exploring the Living Universe

Blog compiling astrobiology news.

Carl Sagan Center for the Study of Life in the Universe
United States

SETI Institute's Carl Sagan Center for the Study of Life in the Universe is dedicated to to understanding the origins of life or the extent to which life may be present beyond Earth.