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From Botany Bay to Norfolk Island: How an unmanned boat travelled 1700km - The Sydney Morning Herald

The Sydney Morning Herald
With the battered hull covered in a sea of barnacles, an old fishing boat washing up near a Norfolk Island pier on Thursday raised the eyebrows of islanders. Even the local police were questioning whether the upturned 6.5-metre aluminium dinghy may ...

Global Veterinary Biochemistry Analyzers Sales Market 2017 – Recent Study Including Growth Factors, Applications ... - Island Post Gazette

Island Post Gazette
An up-to-date research has been disclosed by Questale highlighting the Global Veterinary Biochemistry Analyzers Sales segment. The report deep dives into the dynamics of Global Veterinary Biochemistry Analyzers Sales providing useful and unique ...

Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute - Atlas Obscura

Atlas Obscura
Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute. This sprawling farm was once a Cold War-era hideaway for the nation's top diplomats. Suggest an Edit · Add A Photo. Been Here? 0. Want to Visit? 1. Add Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute to a New List ...

University of Rhode Island Astrobiology Institute

Kingston - United States

Works to gain a fundamental understanding of the life that inhabits Earth's deeply buried marine sediments.

University of Rhode Island - Fisheries, Animal, and Veterinary Science
United States
Rhode Island Chapter
United States

Dedicated to helping homeless bunnies find homes. Also educates people on how to prevent abandonment and improve the lives of companion rabbits.

Rhode Island Orchid Society
United States

Orchid culture and appreciation activities include monthly meetings, orchid shows, classes, trips, and newsletters.

Coastal Eelgrass Habitats of Rhode Island
United States

Interactive maps of Rhode Island eelgrass habitats, with downloadable GIS data, and policy and regulations pertaining to seagrass in RI.

Hope for Animals Sanctuary of Rhode Island

Dedicated to finding homes for unwanted animals and providing low-cost spay and neuter assistance to prevent animal overpopulation.

Rhode Island's Foliose and Fruticose Lichens
United States

Habitat notes, distribution maps, and color photographs of over 90 species of macrolichens by Don Flenniken.

Rhode Island Veterinary Medical Association
United States

A source of information for veterinarians and pet owners in the Rhode Island area.

NASA Astrobiology Institute (NAI)
United States

Partnership between NASA and academic or other research organizations to promote, conduct, and lead integrated multi-disciplinary astrobiology research and train young researchers.

Carnegie Institution of Washington: NASA Astrobiology Institute
United States

Addressing: How does life begin and evolve? Is there life elsewhere in the Universe? What is the future of life on Earth and beyond?

Astrobiology at the University of Washington
United States

Investigating the wide range of multidisciplinary factors that may influence the origin and evolution of life on Earth and beyond.