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MSP awaiting toxicology reports on couple found in swamp - Cadillac News

Cadillac News
CADILLAC — Michigan State Police are still awaiting a toxicology report for one of the people found dead in a Missaukee County swamp in late March. Police dogs found the bodies of Jeff Hurley and Alexandria Foust on Monday, March 26. The couple was ...

Sperm proteins may help understand infertility - BioNews

The research, published in the Journal of Cell Biology, found that the sperm of flies lacking centrobin were very fragile, with the sperm head often becoming detached from the tail. Together the two studies suggest that sperm shape, and in particular ...

Biodiversity: What is it and Why Does it Matter? - Island Conservation News

Island Conservation News
Biological diversity, or biodiversity, refers to the variety of life on earth–every individual organism, species, and kingdom, from the smallest spec of bacteria to the enormous whales in our oceans, found at any ecological or geographic scale.

Unknown Contaminant Found In Seabird Eggs

Houston - United States

Researchers found an unidentified organohalogen contaminant in the eggs of Atlantic and Pacific Ocean seabirds. If a marine organism is the source, this would be the first instance of a naturally produced organohalogen accumulating in the eggs of wild birds.

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    Unknown Contaminant Found In Seabird Eggs
    A previously unknown contaminant, similar to PCBs and dioxins, and suspected to be of marine origin, has been found in the eggs of Atlantic and Pacific Ocean seabirds. If a marine organism is proven to be the source, it would be the first instance of a naturally produced organohalogen accumulating in the eggs of wild birds.


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New Zealand

Can you identify these mosses? Three unidentified species from New Zealand.


The Provincial Museum of Alberta's on-line, searchable, field guide of over 300 bird eggs. Global, with emphasis on birds of Alberta. Includes photos and taxonomic information.

Eggs - A Virtual Exhibition

Devoted to oology, the exhibit showcases eggs of the world with a special emphasis on the eggs of Alberta.

Australian Seabird Rescue
United States

Offers information, resources, and photos.

Pacific Seabird Group (PSG)
United States

This organisation is dedicated to the study of Pacific seabirds and their environment.

Pelican Harbor Seabird Station
United States

Organization dedicated to rehabilitating and releasing injured birds in the Biscayne Bay area.

NYU Fertility Center - Cryopreservation of Eggs, Sperm and Embryos
United States

As egg freezing technology improves, it may also be used by patients who are undergoing in vitro fertilization (IVF) treatment. Women who produce many excess eggs may eventually be able to elect to freeze their eggs unfertilized, rather than freezing fertilized embryos. Our lab is equipped with the latest technology for cryopreservation and storage, and we were one of the first clinics in New York City to establish an Egg Freezing Program for

Lost and Found of Delmarva
United States

Free service for listing lost and found animals in the Delmarva area: Delaware, Maryland, and Virginia.

Project Puffin and the Seabird Restoration Program
United States

National Audubon Society program dedicated to restoring seabird diversity. The program promotes the protection and appreciation of seabirds worldwide.

New Insect Order Found in Southern Africa
United States

Description and image of an insect discovered in Namibia that resembles a cross between a stick insect, a mantid, and a grasshopper.