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Abingdon Earth Day showcases Southwest Virginia's biodiversity - Southwest Virginia Today

Southwest Virginia Today
ABINGDON, Va. — A bounty of natural wonders from Southwest Virginia were put on display Saturday during the annual Earth Day Celebration in Abingdon. Organized by the Sustain Abingdon committee, the event featured numerous displays set up on the ...

PARK | The ILR-Human Ecology Merger: Let's Not - Cornell University The Cornell Daily Sun

Cornell University The Cornell Daily Sun
When the Committee on Organizational Structures in the Social Sciences recommended that the College of Human Ecology and the School of Industrial and Labor Relations combine, I laughed at the thought of HBHS students in Labor Law and ILR students in ...

Children are as fit as endurance athletes - Science Daily

Science Daily
Our research shows children have overcome some of these limitations through the development of fatigue-resistant muscles and the ability to recover very quickly from high-intensity exercise," say Sébastien Ratel, Associate Professor in Exercise ...
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Use of Pesticides, Report of the President's Science Advisory Committee

Washington, District Of Columbia - United States

Full text of the 1963 report which exonerated Rachel Carson's Silent Spring of scientific error, and suggested federal policies for the regulation of pesticides -- out of print an unavailable for the past two decades.

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    Use of Pesticides: Report of the President’s Science Advisory Committee, May 15, 1963 « Millard Fillmore's Bathtub
    This is the full text of The Use of Pesticides, the report of the President’s Science Advisory Committee on May 15, 1963, which exonerated Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring of scientific error. Copies of the report remain difficult to find in many libraries, and unindexed on the internet.  The entire report has been in the public…


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United Kingdom

Advises on the ethical acceptability of proposals for gene therapy research on humans taking account of the scientific merits and the potential benefits and risks, and provides advice to UK Health Ministers on developments in gene therapy research.

United States

Lists committee policies and guidelines, protocols, and other resources.

The Science Advisory Board
United States

A global community of life scientists who convene to share knowledge and comment on emerging technologies.

Science Advisory Board
United States

Online panel of 5,000 life scientists and physicians who convene electronically to voice their opinions on emerging technologies.

Dead Zones - National Science Foundation Special Report
United States

Examining the causes of the blooms of organic matter that ultimately rob the ocean of life-sustaining oxygen.

President's Council on Bioethics
United States

Enacted by George W. Bush, the council's purpose is to advise the president on bioethical issues related to advances in biomedical science and technology.

PAN Pesticides Database
United States

Provides up-to-date toxicity and regulatory information for pesticides via a searchable database.

Beyond Pesticides/National Coalition Against the Misuse of Pesiticides
United States

Provides the public with useful information on pesticides and alternatives to their use.

Feline Advisory Bureau
United States

Charity which promotes the health and welfare of cats by making the latest information available to vets, cat breeders, and owners.

National Bioethics Advisory Commission
United States

Advises on bioethical issues arising from research on human biology and behavior, and the application, including the clinical applications, of that research.