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Pharmacology Researchers Seek Solutions to Opioid Epidemic - UANews (press release)

UANews (press release)
Researchers with the Department of Pharmacology at the University of Arizona College of Medicine – Tucson have received grants totaling $1.3 million from the Arizona Biomedical Research Commission, in support of their efforts to develop non-addictive ...

Expert warns of irrevocable biodiversity damage with rising ... - India New England

India New England
Cape Town–A 3.2 degree Celsius increase in the Earth's temperature could see 47 per cent of insect species, 26 per cent of vertebrate and 16 per cent of plant ...
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Museum of Natural History Launches New Website in Anticipation of Grand Reopening June 2 - Santa Barbara Independent

Santa Barbara Independent
The Department of Invertebrate Zoology is particularly strong in the fields of malacology and entomology, and curators have described many species previously unknown to science. The Department of Vertebrate Zoology houses vertebrate specimens from ...

Vertebrate Flight: The Three Solutions to Flight

Berkeley - United States

Looks at the evolution of flight in three different vertebrate taxa, one of the most amazing examples of convergent evolution.

Vertebrate Flight Exhibit
United States

Explores the physics of vertebrate flight, with particular emphasis on its origins and evolution.

Flight in Birds
United States

How do birds fly? An introduction to flight in birds examining wing shape, airflows, flapping flight and gliding.

Flight School
United States

Whooping cranes learn survival lessons from human surrogate parents on NATURE's Flight School.

Flapping Flight: Inertial Studies
United States

Technical article by researchers at Bristol University who measured the wings of bats and birds and calculated their efficiency in flight.

Homing Pigeon Flight Line
United States

News, race, and weather information, and more.

Flight to Freedom, Inc - Rehabilitating Owls
United States

Personal story of owl rehabilitation from non-profit organization dedicated to the recovery of sick and injured birds of prey.

The Vertebrate: Glossary
United States

Provides a comprehensive list of definitions of the technical terms likely to be met when studying the vertrebates.

United States

Lecture notes on the characteristics of the Phylum Chordata and the further characteristics of the classes of animals in the Subphylum Vertebrata.

Department of Vertebrate Zoology
United States

Information on the research and programs being undertaken at the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History.

Vertebrate Functional Morphology Laboratory

Overview of staff, research performed, courses offered, and related links. University of Ghent, Belgium. [course listings in Dutch]