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How Come US Currency Never Changes Its Face and More Questions From Our Readers - Smithsonian

Birds fare relatively well: They sense changes in barometric pressure, and some pick up low-frequency sounds humans don't hear, which warn them to evacuate, says Don Wilson, curator emeritus in vertebrate zoology at the National Museum of Natural ...

Chennai Zoology student secures University rank - News Today

News Today
Chennai: The happiness on Dhinisha's face was hard to miss. Understandably so, as the student of Pachaiyappa's College, Chetpet, had recently secured a gold medal for securing the first rank in M.Sc Zoology (2015-2017), at the University of Madras.

From 3D Printing to Zoology Camp - columbusunderground

The camps focus on a variety of topics such as coding, 3D printing, robotics, zoology, and more. Check out some of their upcoming programs! Connect with Blossom Scholastic in The Giving Store. Better Together, The Columbus Foundation's crowdfunding ...

Vertebrate Zoology at Old Dominion University

Norfolk - United States

Offers links to both course specific materials and a selection of related resources.

United States

Lecture notes on the characteristics of the Phylum Chordata and the further characteristics of the classes of animals in the Subphylum Vertebrata.

Department of Vertebrate Zoology
United States

Information on the research and programs being undertaken at the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History.

Museum of Vertebrate Zoology Collections
United States

Searchable database of specimens that includes over 50,000 tissue samples for use in molecular analyses.

Evolution at Old Dominion University
United States

Course-specific materials and links to a variety of web resources on evolutionary biology.


Undergraduate, graduate and research programs ranging from molecular zoology to ecosystems.

University of Oklahoma Department of Zoology
United States

Undergraduate and graduate programs that fall within a wide range of subfields.

University of Michigan Museum of Zoology
United States

Many details and links to information about the family Equidae.

University of New Hampshire Zoology Department
United States

Emphasis on ecological and physiological processes in aquatic animals and animal ecosystems.

Department of Zoology at Miami University
United States

Graduate and undergraduate programs exploring the diversity of animal biology.

University of Oxford Department of Zoology
United Kingdom

The Department of Zoology is at the centre of Oxford's research and teaching in whole organism biology. Research is centered on the four themes of behaviour, disease, ecology and evolution. The Department is within the Mathematical, Physical and Life Sciences Division.