London - United Kingdom

VIRTmac (Visual Interactive Revolutionary Tactile Magnetic Classroom) represents the modern evolution of the classroom learning experience. Offering a comprehensive teaching tool designed for simplified instruction, VIRTmac will transform the way you teach biology. A series of magnetic models demonstrate how the same molecules are used over and over again in different biological processes, giving students a more complete visual picture of cell biology. Created by John MacLellan, recipient of the Prime Minister's Award for Teaching Excellence, VIRTmac provides endless possibilities for classrooms across the globe. John has been teaching high school biology for the past 26 years. He created and developed VIRTmac in 2007 which he now distributes to schools and educational companies in Canada, USA, UK, Europe, New Zealand and Australia. John's long term vision is to connect biology teachers globally through the VIRTmac teaching tools enabling students and teachers to be unified under one common model.