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Viewing science 'from 10000 feet' with Chris Phiel - CU Denver Today (press release)

CU Denver Today (press release)
Professor of Integrative Biology Chris Phiel, PhD, is as happy to speak about kinases and CRISPR as he is baseball and Ulysses S. Grant. Like the 19th-century naturalists who came before him, Phiel is something of a Renaissance man. But he also carries ...

'A man ahead of his time': Celebrating Eugene Odum and 50 years of ecology at UGA - Red and Black

Red and Black
In 1940, Eugene Odum was hired by the University of Georgia as an instructor in the zoology department, bringing with him ideas that would revolutionize the study of ecology for decades to come. When Odum began teaching at UGA, ecology was not yet ...

Ben Barres, transgender brain researcher and advocate of diversity ... - Washington Post

Washington Post
Ben Barres, a neurobiologist who made groundbreaking discoveries regarding the structure and function of the brain that may have implications for understanding Alzheimer's disease and other degenerative disorders, and who, as a transgender man, became ...
Bend Bulletin
States Chronicle

Visual Man CD

Houston - United States

Visual Neuroscience
United Kingdom

Publishes reports of experimental and theoretical research in basic visual neuroscience.


Offers interactive examples of physical, physiological, and cognitive illusions and explains why the eye perceives them as it does. Experiments include color contrasts, spatial relationships, and peripheral drift illusions.

Visual Histology
United States

Histology Teaching Series on DVD and Video: Lecture Course With Lab Material - Complete Integrated Histology Course. Histology multimedia teaching materials by Moran and Rowley help students learn histology on 26 video DVD programs, free online Visual Histology text atlas, and histology lecture power point presentations.

Avian Visual Cognition
United States

This multimedia cyberbook provides a comprehensive survey of this area of comparative research with chapters by top international scientists.

Avian Visual Cognition
United States

Online text providing a survey of one area of modern comparative research, edited and published by Dr. Robert G. Cook.

Visual Information Processing Group
United States

Research in the area of representation, analysis, recognition, storage and retrieval of visual information such as images, video and audio.

Center for Visual Sciences: UC Davis
United States

Research at the Center covers all aspects of vision science and aims to foster collaborative interactions between clinical and basic scientists within the fields of ophthalmology and neuroscience.

Optical Illusions and Visual Phenomena

46 illusions (with explanations) compiled by Michael Bach.

Visual Resources for Ornithology (VIREO)
United States

Comprehensive collection of bird photographs from the Acadamy of Natural Sciences.

Behavioral Model of Visual Perception and Recognition
United States