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World Cup Countdown: 5 Weeks to Go - Anatomy of a Goal: Michael Owen vs Argentina at France 1998 - Sports Illustrated

Sports Illustrated
As England rode the crest of another World Cup wave in the summer of 1998 in France, the Three Lions would once more fall to the Damocles sword of the penalty shootout that year. Spot-kick woe had and would go hand-in-hand with the national side during ...

It pays to invest in biodiversity - Phys.Org

To guide them on this endeavour, the countries established the 20 Aichi Biodiversity Targets. These targets range from addressing "the underlying causes of biodiversity loss (Targets 1-4)" to reducing "the direct pressures on biodiversity (Targets 5-10 ...

Living Planet: Batty about biodiversity - Deutsche Welle

Deutsche Welle
There's bat appreciation day, international day for biodiversity and the day of endangered species – we're great at naming days after our animals, but is it enough? Are we treating our biodiversity wisely, or failing them badly?

VN Illustrated Database of Mexican Biodiversity

United States

Exploring the fauna, flora, and ecosystems of the country with photo galleries, thematic articles, and sounds.


A growing taxonomic database and information system that aims at documenting all presently known species (about 1.7 million). Taxonomic trees, descriptions, synonyms, literature citations, and molecular database queries.

United States

Resource offering horses-for-sale, supplies, breeding information, training resources, and books.

Illustrated Guide to Arizona Weeds
United States

Online version of the book by Kittie F. Parker.

United States

Information including keys, descriptions and illustrations of species available in Adobe pdf format by Shinners and Mahler.

Illustrated Encyclopedia of Human Anatomic Variation
United States

Multimedia textbook describing unusual human anatomical features.

Mexican Odonata
United States

A species list including details of the States where each species is found.

Mexican Gray Wolf
United States

Fact sheet on the Mexican Gray Wolf.

Mexican Chickadee (Poecile sclateri)
United States

Identification tips, migration status, habitat, and nesting of this species. Includes a photo.

Ambystoma mexicanum: Mexican Axolotl
United States

Research project by Britni Osuldsen on this salamander including its classification, habitat, reproduction and adaptations.

Brachypelma vagans: Mexican Redrump Tarantula
United States

Provides a description of this spider with a photograph, and information on its distribution and biology.