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US Military Hopes To Save Injured Soldiers by Copying Tardigrades - HowStuffWorks

Cryptobiosis is the sort of extreme survival trick that the Pentagon would love to be able to duplicate in order to keep seriously injured soldiers from dying before they can be transported to a hospital. That's why the Defense Advanced Research ...

Ellen Pompeo on Equal Pay, 'Grey's Anatomy' Cast Exits - Variety

“Grey's Anatomy” star Ellen Pompeo has been vocal about her own fight for pay equality — so it comes as little surprise that she would contest any notion that her own raise had an impact on the recent exit of fellow cast members. The “Grey's Anatomy ...
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Vocal Copying

Stanford - United States

Article describing how birds learn their songs from adult tutors and may incorporate sounds from other species into their repertoire.

Vocal Dialects
United States

Article describing how the songs of many avian species show geographic variation.

Vocal Functions
United States

Songs identify the species of the singing bird. The territorial song of males serves the dual purpose of territorial proclamation directed at other males and of mate attraction directed toward females.

Neural Mechanisms of Vocal Control in Bats.

Research by Gerd Schuller aims to determine which brain structures are involved in eliciting or controlling motor reactions and behavioral patterns.