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The Best Views in the World Worth Traveling For -
It turns out, the very best views found the world over go deeper than the visual–in fact, they partner with the rhythmic chanting of monks at a call to prayer and the scents of fragrant flora and dazzling fauna. A multi-sensory experience ensures these ...

NBA sneaker physiology: Science or marketing? - FanSided

There is nothing more frivolous that is taken more seriously in the world of basketball than sneakers. Basketball shoes, much like trading cards and jerseys before them, have a certain ethos that surrounds them, a dedicated community that seems a ...

Superstars of STEM: Beating bacteria at its own game - Cosmos

“We're still not sure what sort of treatments will be unlocked by analysing this bank of biological specimens,” she says. “But Australian flora and fauna could hold the key to addressing some of the world's greatest modern medical challenges, just one ...

Volvox: One of the Seven Wonders of the Micro World

Sunnyvale - United States

Article, with excellent photographs, about this green alga that lives as a spherical colony in which the individual organisms coordinate their activities.

United Kingdom

Detailed description of the venom apparatus of the Lesser Weever (Trachinidae:Trachinus vipera) and other information on marine biology and venomous fish.


Images and taxonomic descriptions of Volvox

Volvox sp.

Microscopic image.

Volvox aureus

Several photographs of this species.

Micro Shells

Searchable database of marine shells and fresh-water shells and land snails, over 1,300 species in the world are listed. Many photos to aid identification. Taxonomic scheme shown.

Micro Shells

Searchable database and directory of shells measuring only several millimeters.

Micro Dissecting Instruments
United States

The Roboz Surgical Instrument Co. is a leading designer and developer of surgical instruments and related products. Our products are used by healthcare and research professionals worldwide.

Volvox: a beautiful microscopic life-form
United States

Stunning photographs and video clips, and a description of Volvox, can be seen in this article by Maurice Smith and Ken Jones from Micscape Magazine.

Belgian Co-ordinated Collections of Micro-organisms

BCCM attempts to standardize plasmids, bacteria, biomedical and agrobusiness fungi and yeasts by maintaining catalogs of collections at the University of Gent, Belgium.

Laboratory for Advanced Biotechnology and Biomedical Micro-instrumentation
Korea South

Research group working on lab-on-a-chip, biochip, and single DNA manipulation at Pohang University of Science and Technology, South Korea.