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Researchers find polyploidy has occurred many times during the evolution of insects - Phys.Org

The UA team, headed by Michael S. Barker, assistant professor and director of bioinformatics in the UA Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, has found that polyploidy, the duplication of whole genomes, has occurred many times during the ...

New Challenges in Nuclear Endocrinology - Journal of Nuclear Medicine

Journal of Nuclear Medicine
We predict that with improved molecular biology methods, proteomics, and metabolomics, together with application of sophisticated bioinformatics algorithms and molecular biologic approaches (RNA sequencing, detection of cell membrane targets by ...

Wageningen Bioinformatics Webportal

Wageningen - Netherlands

The Bioinformatics Webportal provides access to webbased information services for bioinformaticians and scientists working in life sciences. The webportal aims to facilitate easy access to information, data, software and services available locally at WUR, as well as remotely through the Internet.

Wageningen University: Bioprocess Engineering

Focused on biotechnological processes for manufacturing food ingredients, biofuels, biopolymers, pharmaceuticals and biopesticides. Includes research programs, courses, publications, and personnel in the Netherlands.


Provides programmes in the area of animal breeding including SIP (Selection Index Program), MAGGIC (Gibbs Sampling) and GENEFLOW. Free software for WIN.

Laboratory of Plant Breeding, Wageningen

Offers free downloadable genetics and plant breeding related software.

Research on Microalgae: Wageningen University

Provides information for the scientific community, industry and the public on the potentials for microalgae use, the technologies involved, the possible applications and current and past projects.

Microbiology Department - Wageningen University and Research Centre

Science research projects and topics, student and staff information, seminars, and employment information.


A one-year, international master's programme in bioinformatics at the University of Skovde, Sweden.
United States

Provides an extensive directory of bioinformatics and molecular biology software tools and resources for sequence analysis, genomics, and proteomics.

UCLA Bioinformatics
United States

Main web site for the UCLA Bioinformatics program.

Bioinformatics Software
United States

Provides details of a number of molecular biology tools, some of which are freeware.

Evolutionary BioInformatics
United States

Bioinformatics/genomics consultancy with expertise in comparative genomics and model organisms for target development and biological understanding.