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Scottsbluff senior: Career academy changed her path from marine biologist to obstetrician - Scottsbluff Star Herald

Scottsbluff Star Herald
In 2017, Scottsbluff High School was named the Outstanding High School for Career and Technical Education by the Nebraska Department of Education. While, the high school is achieving great things with its career academies, career path development ...

New insights into human evolution - Science Daily

Science Daily
"Within the blink of an eye on a geological timescale, humans advanced from using basic stone tools to examining the rocks on Mars; however, our exact evolutionary path and the relative importance of genetic and cultural evolution remain a mystery ...

UC college hires first research chief - Cincinnati Business Courier

Cincinnati Business Courier
As a researcher in the URI College of Pharmacy, Yan was known for identifying adverse reactions among prescription medications. Yan's research foundation is in veterinary medicine, but he has advanced training in microbiology and immunology ...

Wah Yan Path

Central District - Hong Kong

A multi-disciplinary project to develop one of the first online, campus nature trails in a secondary school for leisure and education - from Wah Yan College, Kowloon.

Northern Right Whale on Path to Extinction
United States

Report from the Environmental News Network.