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The colour that means both life and death - BBC News

BBC News
Holding sway over the flow of floods and flourishing of flora alike, leafy-cheeked Osiris, it was believed, would eventually show the souls of Egypt's kings the path to resurrection. Flora and fauna. For millennia, concocting green pigments was ...

How evolution guides animals to pick the right mates - Futurity: Research News

Futurity: Research News
New research maps an unexpected path by which evolution arranged for animals to choose the right partners. Working with fruit flies, the scientists probed how males manage to pick out members of their own species from the multitude of flies crowding ...

Arvid Carlsson, Snubbed at University in Sweden, Found a Path to Nobel Prize in Medicine - Wall Street Journal

Wall Street Journal
In the mid-1950s, the University of Lund in Sweden rejected Arvid Carlsson's application for promotion from his research job to associate professor of pharmacology. That proved to be a stroke of luck. Forced to look at other options, he found temporary ...

Wah Yan Path

Central District - Hong Kong

A multi-disciplinary project to develop one of the first online, campus nature trails in a secondary school for leisure and education - from Wah Yan College, Kowloon.

Northern Right Whale on Path to Extinction
United States

Report from the Environmental News Network.