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Fancy a jellyfish chip? - EurekAlert (press release)

EurekAlert (press release)
Clausen and a team of other Danish scientists combined their expertise in biophysics and biochemistry to gain a better understanding of how food preparation affects jellyfish from the inside out. Clausen and his team will present their work during the ...

Forest Park and off-road cycling: Letter to the editor -
The biggest problem is teaching the wildlife which days they get the trails. My concern about the off-road cycling community is that a great many bike riders show little or no understanding or awareness of the danger and disruption their sport causes ...

Sidda inaugurates Biodiversity Centre - The Hindu

The Hindu
Forest and Environment Minister Sidda Raghava Rao on Sunday inaugurated the Biodiversity Centre at the Coringa Wildlife Sanctuary near here. The centre was developed with a budgetary allocation of Rs. 80 lakh and housed documents, audiovisual ...

Wake Forest University - Biophysics Research

Winston-Salem, NC - United States

Biophysics Research at the Wake Forest University Department of Physics. Jacquelyn Fetrow, George Holzwarth, Daniel Kim-Shapiro, Keith Bonin, Martin Guthold, Fred Salsbury, Jed Macosko, and Howard Shields direct programs in the rapidly changing area of biological physics.

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    Biophysics Research -- WFU Physics
    Biophysics Research at the Wake Forest University Department of Physics

Wake Forest University Physiology and Pharmacology
United States

The Department of Physiology/Pharmacology offers the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Physiology through the Graduate School of Wake Forest University.

Biophysics Research Institute
United States

Research and education at the Medical College of Wisconsin.

Forest Biology Research Cooperative
United States

Integrated research in forest nutrition, genetics, soils, pests and physiology of intensively managed southern pine forest ecosystems. University of Florida (USA).

Western Forest Fire Research Center
United States

An interdisciplinary research facility based at Colorado State University covering socioeconomic and ecological aspects of forest fires.

Southern Research Station, US Forest Service
United States

conducts research on forest resources and ecosystem and environmental quality in the southern United States.

Institute of Biophysics and X-Ray Structure Research

Research institute of the Austrian Academy of Sciences. Conducts basic research ranging from biochemistry to material investigations.

Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute - Forest Ecology
United States

Current research programs of the STRI in the Republic of Panama.


Research and publications. In English and Finnish.

University of Athens Biophysics Laboratory

Lab provides Web-based protein analysis tools along with general information.

United States

Ph.D. program is offered with specialties in many areas of physiology. Links to program information are included.