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Toxicology and CLP/GHS for Mixtures - Chemical Watch

Chemical Watch
This 90-minute course, delivered online by expert toxicology trainer Laura Robinson, offers a unique opportunity to ground yourself in toxicological terms and concepts - an increasingly valuable knowledge asset to have in working in the global ...

Senior Science Advisor: regulatory toxicology - Chemical Watch

Chemical Watch
As an experienced scientist, you will work in conjunction with the Director of Science & Regulatory Affairs to deliver the organisation's regulatory toxicology programme. Comfortable thinking strategically and with an eye for detail, you will help ...

Best Place to People Watch - San Antonio Current

San Antonio Current
Here are some of the flora and fauna that you'll peep on your next visit: the wannabe Instagram influencer snapping all their angles; 8-10 people in a Spurs jersey (three people specifically repping Tim Duncan); chic foodies sampling some of the ...

Wasp Watch

Haslemere, Surrey - United Kingdom

Wasp Watch: monitoring and predicting wasp, bee, and insect sting risks in the UK. Wasp Watch provides information on insect sting activity - mainly bees, wasps, and hornets - in the UK on a current and historic basis. The site also provides short term predictions of sting risks for the next week as shown above in the red lettering.

Wasp Watch
United Kingdom

Provides statistical information on insect sting activity across the UK, including a unique sting risk index.

Wasp Warriors: The Wasp Sting
United States

Article by Maurice Smith with photographs of the stinging apparatus and a description of how a sting is inflicted.

Cuckoo Wasp
United States

Information from Wikipedia on the Chrysididae, a family of wasps commonly known as cuckoo, jewel, gold or emerald wasps because of the bright metallic sheen on their bodies.

Flower Wasp
United States

Several photographs and a description of a wasp in the family Tiphiidae.

Paper Wasp
United States

Photographs, life cycle, habitat, and pest status of wasps of the genus Polistes.

Spider Wasp
United States

Several photographs and a description of a wasp in this family.

Chalcid Wasp
United States

Information from Wikipedia on the superfamily of wasps, Chalcidoidea, most of the members of which are parasitoids of other insects.

Gasteruption sp: Gasteruptiid Wasp
United States

Several photographs and a description of this wasp.

Xanthopimpla sp: Ichneumon Wasp
United States

A photograph and description of this wasp.

Cicada Killer Wasp
United States

From a Field Guide to Common Texas Insects, by Bastiaan Drees and John Jackman.