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Scarth-Johnson beguiled by beauty of botany - The Australian

The Australian
The vivid account of Scarth-Johnson's life on the website of the Council of Heads of Australasian Herbaria describes the twin track she followed: “During her farming career Vera continued an interest in botany and was continuously painting and ...

Shape shifter: How Sydney's Botany is becoming a fledgling hipster suburb - Domain News

Domain News
A huge new park at Tailor's Walk will add to Botany's impressive outdoor recreation options. There are also plans to make the wetlands more accessible. Patrick Byron, a sales agent at Ray White Green Square-Botany, says the once-blue-collar suburb is ...

CDN analysis sheds light on internet evolution - Phys.Org

"Our analysis showed that because of its global reach, a CDN is a unique vantage point to track the evolution of network protocols, peering strategies, performance characteristics, as well as the online activity at a global scale," Prof. Smaragdakis ...

Web Directory: Worldwide List of Internet Accessible Herbaria

Durham - United States

Links to university collections and more.

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    Botany - Herbaria

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    Worldwide List of Internet Accessible Herbaria

3I - Internet-accessible Interactive Identification
United States

Program to create internet-accessible interactive taxonomic keys.

United States

Find animal shelters and rescue organizations by country, state, and region. Also provides maps and visitor ratings.

Internet Directory for Botany
United States

an index to botanical information available on the Internet. It consists of two parts, an alphabetical directory and a categorical directory.

Internet Directory for Botany
United States
The Internet Directory of Publications: Science/Biology
United States

An online directory containing bibliographic information on numerous serials and periodicals.

United States
Web Directory: Genamics GenomeSeek
United States

Database of microbial genome projects.

Web Directory: Lusitano Horse
United States
Web Directory: Canadian Horse
United States

Breed resources from

Web Directory: Crocodilians on the Net
United States