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Farm Sense: Biology Breakthroughs Exploding - AgWeb

As technology and the understanding of the biological world improves, it's no doubt we'll see more of these types of announcements. America and the world's farm stakeholders will continue to push to solve crises like it did with the potato blights or ...

From BigDog to SpotMini: Tracing the evolution of Boston Dynamics robo-dogs - Digital Trends

Digital Trends
Boston Dynamics makes some of the most badass robotic beasts around. Launched in 1992 as a spin off from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the company has created some remarkably sophisticated machines, especially when it comes to ...

What My Mother's Wife Taught Me About Life, and Love -
Oprah said it best: “Biology is the least of what makes someone a mother.” I usually say some version of this when I try to explain to people how it was my stepmother, Allison, who was actually the most important and influential person in my life. To ...

Why Cryosuspension Makes Sense

Wellesley Hills - United States

A long article by Terry Grossman, reprinted from The Babyboomers Guide to Living Forever (2000).

United States

Personal reviews of botanical gardens, with links.


Max Planck scientists find evidence for an association between gene variants and exploratory behavior in great tits. [PDF]

Cell Sense

Australian stem cell collection, processing and storage company. Provides a company profile, information on stem cell technology and on diseases that can be treated with stem cells.

Sense of Direction
United States

Article from the Princeton Weekly Bulletin outlining how Biologist Martin Wikelski is helping to settle the long-standing debate over how migratory birds manage to navigate in darkness and bad weather.

United States

Horse care solutions, forums, classifieds, articles, and tips.

Sense of Smell Institute
United States

Investigating the sense of smell and its importance to human psychology, behavior, and quality of life.

Evolution Ecology: Providing Common Sense Solutions
United Kingdom

Ecological consultancy based in Staffordshire, UK providing a full range of protected species and habitat surveys.