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Giraffe Weekend: The Recurrent Laryngeal Nerve - Discovery Institute

Discovery Institute
Continuing our classic ID the Future series on the long-necked giraffe, that evolutionary icon, we confront a sort of sub-icon, a commonly cited support to arguments for dysteleology, or “poor design.” It's the recurrent laryngeal nerve. As Wikipedia ...

Outdoors classes and activities around Snohomish County - The Daily Herald

The Daily Herald
Evenings at Wallace Falls: Learn about flora and fauna unique to the Northwest during programs over the next two months at 7 p.m. on Fridays at Wallace Falls State Park, 14503 Wallace Lake Road. Meet with park staff in the park's amphitheater to learn ...

Wikipedia: Alfred Russel Wallace

San Francisco - United States

Includes user-submitted biography and list of his accomplishments.

Alfred Russel Wallace

An account of the trip to the Malay peninsula and Indonesia.

The Alfred Russel Wallace Page
United States

Features the English naturalist, including commentaries, full-text of some of his writings, and bibliographies.

The Alfred Russel Wallace Website
United Kingdom

Covers Wallace's life and work, images, FAQ, and information about the Wallace Memorial Fund and its projects. Includes video and sound recordings, and map of UK sites, and literature downloads.

Alfred Russel Wallace Page
United States

Celebrating the life and work of the English naturalist, evolutionist, and social critic Alfred Russel Wallace. Includes biography and list of his accomplishments, quotes, and collection of his writings and interviews.

The Alfred Russel Wallace Website
United Kingdom

Learn about Alfred Russel Wallace's life and work. The site includes a unique archive of images, FAQ's debunking some of the many myths surrounding Wallace and Darwin, plus information about the A. R. Wallace Memorial Fund and its projects.

United Kingdom

Text with a review of the history surrounding the publication.

Alfred D. Hersey

Information on the Nobel prize awarded in 1969, with Max Delbr+-ck and Salvador E. Luria, for their discoveries concerning the replication mechanism and the genetic structure of viruses. Includes lectures and biography.

Alfred Day Hershey
United States

Biography by Franklin W. Stahl . Includes a portrait, references, and a selected bibliography.

Alfred Day Hershey
United States

Features vita, synopsis of work, and references.

Alfred H. Sturtevant Papers
United States

Guide to the collection held at the California Institute of Technology. Includes descriptive summary, administrative information, container list, and related collections.