Wikipedia: Cytoplasm

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Everything in the cell membrane, excluding the nucleus.

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Film on the jelly-like substance, which supports organelles that are critical to each cell's survival.

What is cytoplasm?
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Essay on the gooey, liquid substance that holds everything in a cell outside of the nucleus.

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Article on the discovery of this new homanid with facts and figures.

Wikipedia: Exon
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Article on regions in genes that are expressed in mature mRNA and in proteins.

Wikipedia: Proteomics
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Article outlining methods and technologies involved, use of biomarkers in clinical conditions, and emerging branches of study, with bibliographic references.

Wikipedia: Promoter
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Article on the sequence located upstream of a gene that enables its translation.

Wikipedia - Biophysics
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Information from Wikipedia on this interdisciplinary science that employs and develops theories and methods from the physical sciences for the investigation of biological systems.

Wikipedia - Ethnobotany
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Information from Wikipedia on this branch of botany that studies the relationships that exist between people and plants.

Wikipedia: Genomics
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History and overview of the study of the complete genome of organisms, including determining the entire DNA sequence and fine-scale genetic mapping efforts.

Wikipedia: Cladocera
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Details of anatomy and taxonomy on this type of small crustacean.