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UTSW scientist rocks regenerative medicine with innovative technology and music - Dallas News

Dallas News
Olson's uses what he describes as “a molecular GPS device” to pinpoint one defective gene out of billions and he then tries to correct the gene before too much muscle loss occurs. “Once you fix the error, you fix the cause of the disease,” he explained ...

Genetic Compensation Mechanism Could Aid in Treatment of Muscle Disorders, Study Suggests - Muscular Dystrophy News

Muscular Dystrophy News
Using zebra fish and performing a variety of genetic, molecular biology, and movement experiments, the investigators revealed that an actin (actc1b) mutant exhibits only mild muscle defects due to a compensatory mechanism. The mechanism is ...

Obituary: Craig Sharp, veterinary scientist who became father of sports science in the UK - The Scotsman

The Scotsman
One, a brilliant young veterinary pathologist, was explaining the physiology of muscle contraction to an athletics coach named John Anderson, who would later train world-class athletes including Liz McColgan and Dave Moorcroft. Following the tutorial ...

Wikipedia: Muscle

San Francisco - United States

Hyperlinked overview of the contractile form of tissue with information on types, diseases, control, and online resources.

Online Muscle Atlas
United States

Featuring the major muscle groups of the upper and lower extremities.

United Kingdom

List of scientific publications submitted to this organization which is based at the Gatty Marine Laboratory in Scotland.

UC San Diego: Muscle Physiology
United States

Introduces muscle physiology and design.

New Health Guide - Muscle System
United States

Everything that is conceived by our brain finds its expression in the muscular system. You can express an idea by the help of muscles of larynx, tongue and mouth (act of speaking), the muscles of fingers (act of writing) or by the skeletal muscles (act of dancing, running, etc.) Body muscles help an individual to stand erect, walk, move, bend and pick up objects. They help in breathing, blood circulation and functioning of other internal organ


Excitation and contraction of muscle, analysis of the processes involved, and the processes underlying cell contractility and motility.

Muscle Physiology: University of California, San Diego
United States

Describes research at the National Skeletal Muscle Research Center with a general overview and information on lab personnel and current projects.

Hosford Muscle Tables: Skeletal Muscles of the Human Body
United States

Details each muscle's origin, insertion, action, blood supply, and innervation.

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Article on the discovery of this new homanid with facts and figures.

Wikipedia: Exon
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Article on regions in genes that are expressed in mature mRNA and in proteins.

Wikipedia: Proteomics
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Article outlining methods and technologies involved, use of biomarkers in clinical conditions, and emerging branches of study, with bibliographic references.