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Mapping the 'Conflict Zones' Between Sprawl and Biodiversity - CityLab

By 2030, the world is expected to add another billion people or so, bringing the total population to roughly 8.5 billion. And with humans becoming increasingly urban, sprawl will only get worse, taking up precious space that wild birds, mammals, plants ...

Wild fur and natural medicinals of the Appalachians - Pocahontas Times

Pocahontas Times
Dove is extremely knowledgeable about all harvestable and marketable flora and fauna of the area. No matter what is unpacked and unwrapped before him – giant mushrooms, dried roots, deer hides or luxuriant furs – Dove can instantly recognize what he's ...

Local News: New documentary uncovers the hidden wildness of ... - Greene County Daily World

Greene County Daily World
A new documentary from WTIU Public Television takes viewers on a statewide tour of Indiana's wild and natural landscapes and reveals their little-known connections to the Indiana of 200 years ago. Indiana's Wild Landscape premieres March 5 at 8 p.m ...

Wild Ones

United States

Education project, with curriculum resources, of the Wildlife Preservation Trust International.

African Wild Dog: Rare wild dogs give clues to pet behavior
United States

About Lycaon pictus, the Cape hunting dog, and its behavior.

Wild Ones
United States

Sharing information about landscaping with native plants and promoting environmentally sound practices.

The WILD Foundation
United States

The International Wilderness Leadership (WILD) Foundation supports the protection and appropriate use of critical wilderness areas, wildland values and endangered wildlife throughout the world.

Wild Herps
United States

John Sullivan's small collection of images and notes about reptiles and amphibians from around the world.

Waxwings Are Wild
United States

Article about Cedar and Bohemian Waxwings. Includes photos.

Wild Wing
United States

Barn Owls: Agriculture rodent and gopher control.

Wild Macaw
United Kingdom

Articles from expeditions to see macaws in the wild in South America.

United Kingdom

Factsheet on the wild cat, Felis sylvestris, its habits and its interactions with man.

United States

A site about captive bred wild cats. They're the ones that raised Shaka and Zulu from the infamous Mountain Dew commercials.

Wild Dolphins

Contains poetry, stories and photos.